By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Xian Lim reveals that he’s happy with his present romantic relationship with Kim Chiu despite the disapproval of many since the very start.

“It feels good that now, I can freely express how I feel towards her. It’s nice that we don’t keep people from guessing anymore on what’s the real score between us. It really feels good after so many years,” he states.

Talks were rife about their romantic state in previous years but it’s only in November of last year that Kim officially admitted it.

“We’re happy. We’re just enjoying everything right now. It’s really a positive development!”

Photo: Kim Chiu and Xian Lim (@KimXi Official Fan Facebook Page)

Interestingly, when did he know that he was already falling for Kim?

“It’s a case wherein you just woke up one day and you’re certain you have feelings for her already. I can very well remember the day. I dreamt about her and when I woke up, I told myself, ‘I love this girl already!’ That’s how it was.”

Xian admits there were stumbling blocks in the initial phase of their romance.

“Many were against on our being sweethearts,” he says. “When we were just starting, there were people who told me not to pursue it because Kim won’t like me. Some said they didn’t like me for her.

“There were also those who questioned my intentions for her. They accused me of just making her as a stepping stone to gain popularity. According to them, I was just riding on Kim’s fame or I was using her to land screen roles. That’s why at one point, I asked her if it’s a mistake to love her.”

It’s good that true love prevailed since the appealing actor followed the dictates of his heart in spite of the challenges.

“That’s true! Look at us now. Prayers worked. Our relationship is still going strong. We’ve already overcome lots of trials along the way which only make us stronger. If they say that it’s a sin to fall in love, then, let it be. I’ll choose to become a sinner!”

Xian says you’ll never go wrong if you’ll follow your heart.

Photo: Xian Lim (Xian Lim Official instagram page)

“That’s very much true. You just have to listen to your heart. Whether it’s on the personal or professional aspect, let your heart guide you if you want to become genuinely happy!”

With their happy state at present, many are curious to know if they have already considered making nuptial plans.

“To be honest, Kim and I are not in a hurry when it comes to getting married. In our current set-up, it’s hard to plan ahead. As the old saying goes, we just live each day. We don’t want to be under pressure with such issue. What’s matter is we’re happy together,” ends Xian.