By Macon Araneta i FilAm Star Correspondent

The uploader of the Bikoy videos implicating President Rodrigo Duterte’s family and their allies in the illicit drug trade  on May 3 divulged that he was tapped by at least two supporters of the Liberal Party (LP) to create a website used to share  the controversial Ang Totoong Narco list videos.

Facing the media in news conference at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Jayme, 27, said he was approached by the supporters of the opposition party who was identified as Maru Nguyen and Maru Xie.

“We were friends and as a friend, I acceded (to their request),” said Jayme as he insisted he has nothing to do with the contents of the video clips.

He also said the two assured him that the website would just be used to share stories highlighting the achievements of the previous administration.

“But I am not Bikoy. I did not upload anything,” stressed Jayme who the NBI  confirmed was the administrator and registrant of the website which was the source of the Bikoy  videos.

As a web master, Jayme said he just created a website. “But I did not upload the videos. I was just making a living,” he emphasized.

“I just received PHP 2,500 from them for the web hosting and domain of the website.”

Since his arrest last May 2, Jayme maintained, “Wala nga po akong idea na ipo-post ‘yung video,” said Jayme. He related that after the last election he opted to distance himself from politics. He admitted he was also a former LP supporter.

“I am not guilty so that I did not go into  hiding. I voluntarily went (to) the NBI because I have nothing to do with the uploaded videos,” said Jayme.

The NBI has slapped Jayme with inciting to sedition charge in relation to the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

Meanwhile, NBI spokesperson Ferdinand Lavin said Jayme may be considered as a state witness if he continues to cooperate and identifies people who might have a hand in the video clips.

“That’s very possible. If he continues to cooperate and spill the beans on the others, depending on their degrees of participation,” said Lavin.

He also said that if it can be proven that his participation is only up to the creation of the website then upon due application with (the) Department of Justice, he can become state witness.

NBI Cybercrime Division Chief Vic Lorenzo said that aside from inciting sedition, Jayme might still be facing other charges depending on his participation after a review of the videos.

In his Youtube clips titled “Ang Totoong Narco list” featuring hooded figure Bikoy claimed that drug money was funneled into the bank accounts of Duterte’s son and former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, his son-in-law Manases Carpio, husband of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and the former presidential aide  Christopher “Bong” Go (who is running for senator in the upcoming elections) in the illegal drug operations.

Bikoy also named Honey, the president’s partner and their daughter Kitty as linked to the drug trade.

In a media forum, Sen. Francis Pangilinan said it would no longer come as a surprise if LP and their members would be tagged in the Bikoy videos.

“Hindi ko kilala si Bikoy at ‘di ko alam kung sino siya. Ang isyu ngayon, after May 13 pag usapan natin si Bikoy,” he said.

Asked if they will conduct a hearing on the issue, Pangilinan replied, “We will see.”

Responding if he has any idea on Bikoy, “Like I said, ‘di ko siya masyado namo-monitor.”