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02-24-2020Filam star newspaperWeekly Issue: 567www.filamstar.comStar Access of the Week !!!! FilamStar Welcome your event be featured here  https://filamstar.com/star-access/To get a chance to be on this week's issue on our Star Access column, please submit your pictures along with captions of your events such as parties/birthdays/announcements etc. to Email; Community@filamstar.com or admin@filamstar.comPress deadline is every Monday at

Immigration Ordered To Pay For Delay

By Johnson Lazaro, Attorney At Law    Ever get tired of waiting for the Immigration Service to grant you that green card that you deserve?   You paid so much money for fees and costs and the Immigration Service (USCIS) still makes you wait and wait and wait.  One person got so sick and tired of waiting that

Medical tip capsules

By Philip S. Chua, MD. Veggies: stomach saver Those taking NSAID drugs like ibuprofen, and other anti-arthritis pain medications regularly can be victims of stomach irritation which could result in ulcers and bleeding complication. To prevent stomach ulceration, ingesting 8 to 10 ounces of vegetables a day can work wonders by protecting the stomach wall