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Covered California Joins Asian Americans Advancing Justice – LA to Encourage Consumers to Enroll and Get Covered in 2021

Covered California holds a briefing with Asian Americans Advancing Justice – LA to update Asian American media on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines, and encourage everyone to sign up for health care coverage before the Jan. 31 deadline. Nearly 1.6 million Californians have renewed their coverage or enrolled for the first time for 2021 coverage,

Post-vaccine risk

By Philip S. Chua, MD. Bacteria react and develop resistance to drugs against them in order to survive. The Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDRTB) and the Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) are examples. Viruses, which are protein molecules mutate more efficiently to various strains to be more virulent to propagate themselves. The SARS-CoV2 virus of COVID-19 has

As I See It – Biden on COVID-19: The War is on; Help is on the Way!

By Elpidio R. Estioko Just like the 911 spiel and television ad in response to emergency situations, US President Joe Biden assured the American people that the war against the dreaded COVID-19 is on and help is on the way! Immediately after his inauguration last January 20 as the 46th US president, Biden signed a