Vice’s Peaceful Love Life


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

In his recent Facebook Live session, Vice Ganda expressed his happiness over his current relationship with boyfriend Ion Perez.

It can be remembered that the two officially went public as a couple in their popular noontime program “It’s Showtime” in October last year.

“I can really feel it in my heart,” he says. “With everything I’ve gone through in the name of love, all the deception and heartaches I experienced in the past, I can say it’s much different now. This is a phase in your love life where you’ve already found the one and is not looking for anyone else!”

The talented comedian-host revealed that before he found true love, he liked to engage himself into a lot of things.

“Oh yes! When you don’t have a special someone, you always like to go out or drink or hang out with friends just to get entertained. But when you’re in love, you don’t want to waste your time and energy on non-sense activities anymore. For me, it’s already enough that I wake up, go to work and see Ion there. It’s like you are already at peace with your life.”

Interestingly, does he and Ion ever fight?

“Not that often but yes, we also have some tiffs. They’re not serious though. If caught in that situation, we just don’t talk initially. But after a few minutes, we’ll say sorry then we’re okay again.

“We’re not the type of couple who would prolong the petty quarrel. Personally, I don’t like to let a night pass with the problem unsolved. Before retiring at night, it should have been settled. We should have talked things over. I hate to wake up in the morning feeling angry with someone.”

According to Vice, a positive mindset is very important in situations like this.

“It’s not good to face a brand new day with anger in your heart. It’s hard to sleep when you’re at odds with someone. You should be happy when you wake up because it will set your mood in the whole day. I couldn’t imagine myself waking up feeling angry with Ion. How can you work productively then?”

At this point, the phenomenal box-office star says that he and Ion know each other pretty well. “That’s right! Ion is such a simple guy. When he’s in the mood to joke around, then he does. When he wants to sleep, he will. When he’s irritated, he really is. So, when this happens, he will tell you not to talk to him in the meantime.” One key factor to a successful relationship is respecting each other’s space, something Vice totally agrees to.

“It’s not a good practice to keep on nagging our loved one especially when he is irate. When you suggest for the two of you to talk and he still refuses, don’t object. Give in to his request. Later on, he will be ready to talk. Just don’t insist as this further aggravates the situation. Giving each other space is very important,” he ends.