New York, NY – August 6, 2018– Twin Marquis, a New York food company that specializes in noodles and wrappers, is releasing a 5-part docu-series, “Yum Chat,” celebrating Asian American chefs and cooking. Over the course of the series, 5 chefs will gather to cook, tell stories and share their table. Each of Yum Chat’s 5 chefs is New York local pushing the boundaries of their culture’s cuisine. Each of the 5 chefs is bringing viewers a recipe from their homes. NYC favorites, Esther Choi, Wilson Tang, Bao Bao, Hooni Kim and Lien Lin will explore what it means to be a chef representing an entire history on one plate.

Across the series, the chefs will whip up Grandma-inspired dumplings, Hong Kong pan-fried noodles and Nouveau chocolate blue cheese wonton mille-feuille. While cooking they will have conversation on traditions, progress, and memories. Twin Marquis, will supply the high-quality ingredients that will bring the chef’s dishes to life.

“Twin Marquis is about bringing happiness to the table. It’s all about happiness. The joy you find when you have people around a meal, sharing their stories and opening up their hearts,” says Twin Marquis, VP of Sale & Marketing, Lillian Chan, “Food is the gateway and we want to be a part of that experience.”

Special guests throughout the series include actor Giullian Yao Gioiello of Netflix’s Julie’s Greenroom, cookbook author and podcaster Cathy Erway, host Tian Zhu of Sinovision’s Asian Kitchen, bloggers Carmen and Serge Sognonvi of Top Flight Family, and writer Maria Wen Adcock of BiCultural Mama.

Yum Chat will launch on Twin Marquis’s Youtube and Facebook channels on August 21st, 2018 and will air bi-weekly until its conclusion on October 16th, 2018.  Each episode will be a socially-shareable 7-8 minutes in length.

About the Chefs

  • Esther Choi is the chef/owner of Korean-cuisine mŏkbar at Chelsea Market and mŏkbar BK.
  • Wilson Tang is the restaurateur of New York icon Nom Wah in Chinatown and the Nom Wah family.
  • Bao Bao is the chef/owner of Baoburg in Greenpoint Brooklyn, exploring Thai-focused Asian cuisine.
  • Hooni Kim is the chef/owner of Korean restaurants, Hanjan and Danji, in Manhattan.
  • Lien Lin is co-chef/owner, along side her husband, of Michelin Guide Restaurant Bricolage in Park Slope Brooklyn.