Cancer survivors Malibu Dana Richards, Audrey DeLong and Annette Velasco are fighting back the cancer that almost took their lives. They’re showing off their bodies to prove you can still beat the wasting effect and live well. They walked the runway together with fellow advocates and models who want to honor their families impacted with cancer.

Share+Give Initiative, a San Francisco, Bay Area based not for profit organization, launched the “2019 United Against Cancer Swimwear Calendar” via an evening wear and swimwear fashion show headlined by gia, galicia. Also featured were evening wear designers Rolando Carlin and Renee Gee.

The calendar showcased Dana Richards, a breast cancer survivor who is now a fashion designer and a philanthropist; Audrey DeLong, an ovarian cancer survivor who is now a business owner and a yoga instructor and Bret Miller, a male breast cancer survivor who founded the Bret Miller 1T Foundation Male Breast Cancer Coalition.

Fourteen models and advocates represented Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Japan, the Philippines and the US. The calendar was shot in different locations including: Hermosa Beach, CA, Pacifica, CA, Kansas, MI, Raleigh, SC, Playa Biensanz, Costa Rica, Cebu, Philippines, Wetlands, NV, and San Francisco, CA. (click here for full photo album) 

Proceeds from the United Against Cancer 2019 Swimwear Calendar calendar will benefit the Pilipino Resource Center Breast Cancer Support Services Program in San Francisco. The calendar serves as a platform for survivors and advocates to show they are united to beat cancer through global awareness for cancer patients.

Photo by Jho Bule

Quoting Galicia, “The United Against Cancer 2019 calendar launch isn’t just a fashion show. We’ve also used it as a medium to promote an important message – early detection and prevention of cancer will save lives. This event drives us closer to our purpose of global awareness while at the same time inspiring people and making them happy.” Photos by Jho Bule