Sue-Loisa friendship, back to normal


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

According to Sue Ramirez, even if Loisa Andalio is not one of the special guests in her upcoming concert titled, “Rock Chic”, it doesn’t mean that things are not okay between them.

“That’s right!” she avers. “For the record, my friendship with Loisa is back to normal after the controversy we figured into two years ago.”

Many are puzzled why Loisa is not in the roster of her guests when it can be remembered that in 2017, they did a concert together with Maris Racal and Kristel Fulgar titled, “4 of a Kind.” Now, only Kristel and Maris are in the line-up and Loisa is not.

“Well, of course, in my latest concert, there is limit in the number of guests to be included. For one, I can’t have seven guest performers.”

Sue reveals that only those who are really close to her were considered.

“I guess, it was hugely based on the level of closeness. Everyone knows that Loisa and I have been estranged for quite some time though everything is settled now. Besides, I’m really closer to Maris and Kristel so I want to keep it as a concert that is very close to my heart.

“Michael (Pangilinan) who is another close friend of mine will be joining us as well. But as I’ve said, it doesn’t mean that things are not okay between me and Loisa. Truth is we’re good. Actually, I suggested her to be part of the roster of guests but she didn’t make the cut. Perhaps, if the concert is being planned at this point, Loisa will surely be part of it.”

Two years ago, Sue and Loisa had a gap. Reports have it that the latter allegedly unfollowed the former in Instagram because of Ronnie Alonte. The two girls were being linked to Ronnie at that time but as everyone knows, it was Loisa and Ronnie who eventually became sweethearts.

“What’s important is that Loisa and I are friends again. Whatever it was, we’ve overcome it already and I thank God! Finally, we talked about it and settled our differences. I’m happy with such development. It’s not a good thing if you’re carrying excess baggage in your system, when you’re not good with someone and vice-versa.”

Some joke if this means she will again follow Loisa in her Instagram account.

“Well, I didn’t unfollow her. It was only her. Ha-ha-ha! But she said that as of now, she followed me again. Actually, it’s not a big thing. It’s just social media.

“But if it’s a huge thing for people to know, yes, we follow each other again in our respective social media account. We talk through social media. Of late, we reply in each other’s stories on Instagram. It’s back to normal once again.”

In the meantime, Sue is excited about her latest musical venture.

“I’m excited to the hilt because this is my maiden solo concert. Unknown to some, when I auditioned for Star Magic then, I wanted to become a singer. It’s just that I was given more acting projects instead. Now that I’m given the chance, I want to showcase my singing prowess for the audience to appreciate, hopefully,” ends Sue.