Star Gazer- The abundant and prosperous Universe


By Bles Carmona-De la Rosa

When it comes to abundance and prosperity, this should be your mantra: “Abundance and prosperity begin with me.”

If you recall the Bible story of the widow’s oil in 2 Kings 4: 1-7 (NIV), then you know that this is a despairing woman who asks for the prophet Elisha’s help in paying her late husband’s debts. Otherwise, her sons will be taken away as slaves by creditors. Elisha asks the widow what she has in her house, and she replies that she only has a jar of oil. At Elisha’s bidding, the widow asks her neighbors for as many empty jars as they can supply. She then proceeds to fill all of them with oil. She kept pouring oil, and pouring, and pouring …  until there is no empty jar left. The prophet then told her, “Go, sell the oil and pay your debts. You and your sons can live on what is left.”

This story should remind you that true prosperity is about more than what you receive, want, or need. True prosperity begins at the level of your thinking, As Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. used to say, “If you think of abundance as something that happens in the future, then it will always be one day ahead of you. See, feel, think, and speak of abundance as something you already have in the present moment and that is what you will experience.”

By now it should be clear to you that you attract what you believe! If you are to experience true abundance and prosperity, then you must change your perception of the world. Is your mind filled with thoughts of competition, or shortage? Then it’s time to replace these thoughts with those of hope, sufficiency and plenty. Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the Church of Religious Science, does say this in his comprehensive book, Science of Mind, “We have the right to choose what we wish to experience.” You can always choose how to respond to the events in your life. Therefore, choose abundance!

The universe simply mirrors your choices and gives you more of what your mindset has deemed worthy of contemplating. In truth, the universe has an infinite supply of the “goodies” called love, health, wealth, joy, wisdom, and peace of mind. You know what stops this flow? Greed and an ultra-competitive attitude. Surely in our post-Covid-19 outbreak world, you have realized that it is better to collaborate rather than compete, better to activate sharing and generosity rather than greed. Or maybe you were raised to believe that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or maybe you’re not convinced that you deserve happiness, success and others mentioned above.

You know what? When you change your perception, the universe responds accordingly. So how do you improve your circumstances in life? Be very grateful for what you already have and know that there is plenty more to come. Share what you can with others because believe me, there is enough for everyone. Believe that the universe is unlimited abundance and you will always receive what you need.

Being the Practical Oracle, let me now consult the Angels, the Goddesses and the Fairies about abundance and prosperity. You see, the truth is in the cards, so to speak.

Your messenger angels announce the arrival of immense blessings and steady flow of support if you keep your faith. They urge you to accept good into your life with ease and grace. The abundance in your life is material, psychological, emotional intellectual, and spiritual. Simply say, “Yes!”

The Hindu goddess Lakshmi also comes to visit you to say that all your experience and all your skills are rich with meaning and purpose. You will see the evidence of your wealth in the world if you prime your mindset and open your eyes to perceive your reality with positivity. Lakshmi, the goddess of luck and prosperity, says that it’s time for you to share your good fortune with others. According to the “Goddess Power Oracle” by Colette Baron-Reid, “She will show you how your good fortune multiplies when you apply gratitude, praise and a commitment to serve.” With the right frame of mind, you are a magnet for miracles!

The fairies, being earth angels who help guard Mother Nature, provide the most mundane oracle yet: You may receive an unexpected gift, cash windfall, or spiritual gift at this time. Make sure, therefore, that you are in a place of receptivity for it – that you believe and “know” you’re worthy to receive any abundance. There is plenty enough of it to go around and you have as much right to it as anyone else.  As Karen Kay, author of the Oracle of the Fairies says, “Prepare yourself for incoming abundance, and enjoy!”