Sharon tries horror for the first time


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

In her four decades in the local showbiz industry, it’s only now that Sharon Cuneta has done a horror vehicle via Reality Entertainment’s “Kuwaresma.” She has appeared in musical to straight dramas, romantic comedies and even action pictures but not in a horror presentation.

“That’s right,” she avers. “If my memory serves me right, I’ve done something like 56 or 57 movies already but this is the first time that I top-billed a horror project.”

So, how’s the feeling?

“It’s unforgettable! I tell you, doing ‘Kuwaresma’ is one of the most physically, mentally and emotionally draining experiences I’ve ever had from the films I’ve made.”

Despite this, the Megastar reveals that it was a great working experience for her.

“For one, it was a happy set. Direk Erik (Matti) is such a happy kin. Apart from that, I was very impressed with how Reality Entertainment works. Their staff is so efficient, their crew is wonderful. They’re orderly, like an army.

“In fact, I told Kuya Dondon (Monteverde, the film outfit’s top honcho) that I felt honored and privileged to work for his team. I’m very grateful because they’ve shown me so much respect, the project is great and the shooting experience is very pleasant. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s really one unforgettable experience!”

Interestingly, the highly accomplished actress-singer states that numerous horror projects were pitched in to her in the past but with “Kuwaresma”, she accepted the offer right away after it was formally presented to her.

“That’s true!” says Sharon. “I remember many film outfits would pitch in horror vehicles to me then. It’s just that I felt there’s nothing new in the materials. You have the feeling that you’ve seen it in other popular horror flicks before like ‘The Others’ or the Bangkok horror trilogy.

“Personally, I’m looking for fresh stuff. Unknown to some, I’m an avid horror viewer even as a child. I’ve always been fascinated watching how the good conquers the bad in the end.

There’s the spiritual warfare.

“Actually, that’s what I requested to Direk Erik regarding the plot of ‘Kuwaresma.’ The first time that we discussed, I already laid my card on the table, so to speak. Being a Christian, I want that the good will be the winner in the end. That was my only request and it’s really what the script says so it’s simply perfect!”

Mega has only good words not just for her director but for critically-acclaimed actor John Arcilla as well who is her leading man in the movie.

“Oh, yes! They might not know it, but they became my teachers while doing ‘Kuwaresma.’

I’ve learned a lot from them. I’m one who never stops learning that’s why I’m thankful to John because he had been a good source of fresh insights with regards to my acting craft.

“Meanwhile, as I’ve said, Direk Erik is my happy pill. He’s one director who never gets tired. When everyone on the set is already tired, he keeps the ambience alive. He can still afford to sing and dance which is so amusing. You’ll really know his passion for his job,” ends Sharon.