San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim launches the Jobs of the Future Fund


Statewide initiative to prepare California for the automation revolution

SAN FRANCISCO – Supervisor Jane Kim recently announced she is launching Jobs of the Future Fund – a statewide effort focused on building support for a common-sense proposal to fund re-training and education for displaced workers and help create new meaningful jobs.

Independent experts reported that as many as 47 percent of U.S. jobs may be lost to automation in the next 20 years. The United States has already lost millions of manufacturing jobs to automation – now industries impacted will be as varied as transportation, retail, administrative and even health care. A number of experts and industry leaders – including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates – have suggested that a “robot tax” could help provide the revenue that will be needed to re-train workers displaced by this economic transition.

“The automation revolution isn’t science fiction – we’re already seeing the effects today,” said Kim. “It is critical we come together now to develop a common-sense solution to help smooth this transition and prepare our workers for what comes next.”

Jane Kim has been leading the conversation to address the job displacement caused by automation, including a proposal to require employers that lay off employees as a result of automation to contribute their fair share toward re-training displaced workers and growing the economy for everyone, not just a few.

The Jobs of the Future Fund is the next step in this conversation. It will create a forum where labor leaders, businesses, non-profit and civic organizations and everyday residents can come together to craft an initiative that will provide the revenue needed to help workers displaced by automation. California can be on the front lines of building new economic opportunities, creating high-wage jobs and providing workers with the skills and education they need to succeed in our new economy.

“This nation and the Bay Area in particular are blessed with the most powerful research and development capabilities the world has ever seen,” said Kim. “It’s only fair that those who reap the rewards of technological development, heavily subsidized by generations of taxpayers, contribute their share to addressing some of the downsides of technological progress. I’m launching this initiative today because if we don’t get ready now, we won’t catch up later.”

Kim’s committee is a California Ballot Measure effort designed to create broad public awareness and understanding of the massive challenge of automation.

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