Rams hold off 49ers, 41-39


Text and Photos by R. Mascardo

SANTA CLARA — After two lackluster performances to start the season, the 49ers unexpectedly came alive against the Rams.

They have no touchdown and went on a losing streak early this season.

This time, the 49ers’ offense leaves hope for the rest of the season.

Hoyer threw a pick on the very first play of the game. But he rebounded to keep the game competitive and led a furious late-game comeback

He threw for 332 yards, two touchdowns, and added a nine-yard touchdown run. That single pick was his only turn-over for the night. Except for Michael Brockers’ pick on a two-point conversion attempt that didn’t land in Hoyer’s stat line.

That’s more yards than Hoyer’s managed in the first two games of the season combined and he did it despite four sacks with some poorly timed drops by his receivers.

Hard to believe before kickoff that the 49ers would score 39 points and even harder that they’d lose, scoring 39.

But this was the thriller Thursday night. Maybe all those stories on low scores and that the
NFL would never rebound were little premature. Now we know to expect the unexpected.

NEXT: The 49ers play on the road for 3 consecutive games, starting on October 1 against Arizona, followed by Indianapolis on October 8 and the Washington Redskins on October 15