Raiders win easy over Broncos, 21-14


Story and photos by R. Mascardo

OAKLAND — The Raiders can now ease up a bit, 5-6, beating the Denver Broncos 21-14 last November 26 at Oakland Coliseum.

But make no mistake the Raiders still have most of the same issues they’ve had all year. The Raiders were in a bad division and they did little to do to win it.

So here’s to the Raiders — right in the middle on the strength of a one-game winning streak against a team with a seven-game losing streak.

COOPER HURT: Amari Cooper caught a pass over the middle in the second quarter, with Broncos safety Darian Stewart bearing down.

Cooper ducked his head and shoulder down to avoid a direct shot. Stewart put his head down, but his shoulder and side rammed into Cooper in the back of his head and neck.

Cooper was out cold for a seemingly extended stretch but came to while on the field. He suffered a concussion and did not return to the game.

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