Preparing for Christ’s return


One night four college students went to a party and got drunk. As a result, they were unable to study for their exam. From the party, they went straight to the school and they came up with a plan. Arriving at the Office of the Dean, they pretended to be at a wedding last night and as they were traveling home, a tire of their car exploded. So they got dirty because they had to push the car home. As a result, they told Dean that they were not ready to take the exam. However, the Dean told them they could take the exam after three days. They thanked the Dean and said they would be ready by that day. Three days later, they went to the Dean’s Office. The Dean explained that since it was a special exam, everyone would sit in separate classrooms while taking the exam. When everyone was in their classroom, they were handed the examination sheet. It contained two questions for 100 points. First, what’s your name for 1 point. Second, what tire exploded for 99 points.

They did not know the answer to the second question because they did not discuss it among themselves of which tire got exploded. The lesson of this story is always to be ready. In our Gospel from St. Luke (12: 32-48), “Blessed are those servants whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival. Amen, I say to you, he will gird himself, have them recline at the table, and proceed to wait on them … You also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.”

There are many ways we can prepare for the Second Coming of Christ but let me just share with you three simple steps.

Step #1: KEEP PRAYING. Jesus would be happy if He finds us praying. Many Catholics do not want to pray nor go to church. They seem to be tired of praying. Consequently, we are putting God away from our lives and starting to ignore Him. Indeed, we have a lot of Catholic traditions like attending Sunday Mass, reciting the rosary, praying a different novena to Mary and saints, doing the stations of the cross, that can lead us into prayer.

Certainly, Jesus would be glad to see us praying as He comes back again.

Step #2: CONTINUE TO FORGIVE. Jesus would be happy to see our hearts free from sin, anger, and resentments.  His return is a continual offering of salvation. Thus, going to confession regularly is highly encouraged for us Catholics so that we can always be in the state of grace. Nonetheless, we are also ought to share forgiveness to those who have offended us and ask for forgiveness from those we have hurt. Truly, Jesus is pleased when he sees His children possessing a forgiving heart.

Step #3: STAY GOOD. Jesus would be happy to see us doing good works. Our deep relationship with God should help us to stay as good people. All of God’s commandments and Jesus’ example point on how to be a good individual. Let us ask ourselves: Do we treat our neighbor well? When our parents ask us about something, do we answer them properly? Are we following their instructions faithfully? Are we honest with our spouse?

Don’t we cheat on our co-workers? Do we gossip about our neighbors? Living out the goodness in us make Jesus’ return a love-filled experience and a joyful one.

Finally, let me share with you the words of Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”