Poke that’s not hokey


Hello, everyone! Welcome to another exciting week of Bahay Kubo, atbp. It’s Spring break for most people and I hope everyone took advantage of the little bit of sun we had. But it looks like a wet weekend for us, per the weather forecast. So please drive carefully and stay dry.

Last week, I wrote about our favorite little wine bar, the Alameda Wine Company which is located at the historic Alameda Theater Complex. This week, I’m going to talk about a new restaurant that is about a few steps away from the Alameda Wine Company, my new favorite eatery, the Poke Koma, Hawaiian Poke Bowl.

Since I was looking for a semi-healthy meal to eat after my doctor’s appointment in Oakland, my husband and I decided to try this relatively new spot in Alameda because they had great reviews on Yelp. We were excited to try this new spot; we walked in without expecting anything.

It was our first time to try a Poke Bowl and the instructions in the menu were not hard to follow. You have to make your own poke bowl and it was very clear and straight forward. You build your own bowl by choosing your size, base, protein, flavor, toppings, and sauce.

I ordered the regular size with Spring mix as my base with shrimp, crawfish, and salmon, Spicy for my flavor, ‘everything’ (cobb salad, avocado, masago, jalapeno, wasabi, furikake, seaweed salad, green onions, pickled ginger, fried shallots, wonton strips) for my toppings, and Spicy Aioli for my sauce. My husband ordered almost the same but with ahi tuna, salmon and yellowtail and Creamy Wasabi for his sauce. I must say, we were very impressed and we left very happy with the intention of coming back!

To summarize my review:
Parking – there’s only street parking and it can be a bit difficult. If you come in early enough to beat the rush hour like we did, you’re sure to find parking without a problem. Otherwise, you will end up parking further but the Poke is all worth it!

Pricing – I can’t really compare prices as this is our first time trying a place like this but I think it’s comparable to other Poke Bowl places. As of this writing, regular size is $10.50 (with a choice of three proteins) and the large size is $13.50 (with a choice of five proteins), which I think is very reasonable.

Ambiance – new location, so not too packed yet and it’s very clean and organized. A casual hangout place for a quick catch-up lunch with family and friends.

Service – the workers are super friendly and helpful. Our server was generous in giving a little more scoop of proteins in our order.

Food – it really depends on what you order, I guess. What I ordered was just right for me. The fish (ahi tuna, salmon, yellowtail) were of high quality, they are smooth and fresh. Both mild and spicy flavors with soy sauce, ponzu, ginger, sesame oil, white onions, and cucumber were great. A lot of toppings to choose from (as I mentioned above). Sauces are delicious; they have few to choose from like spicy aioli (which I had with my order), creamy wasabi, Baja jalapeno, lemon ginger aioli, and teriyaki. I can’t wait to try the others on our next visit.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fast, easy, light and delicious meal, try poke bowls. They are very popular these days, especially to the younger crowds. I’ll definitely try other Poke Bowl places but will come back to Poke Koma again, one day soon.