By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

In a recent virtual press conference, Piolo Pascual narrates how idyllic his life is while in quarantine. He has been staying in his resort-like property in Batangas.

“Oh, yes! Everything here is just nature. Every day, I wake up to a breathtaking view of Batangas Bay. I get to appreciate it on my porch. Then, I hear the chirping of birds and crows of chickens in the morning.

“Actually, we don’t use air-con here. Everything’s open. We’re outdoors. I love to see the horizon. That’s what I wake up to every day. There’s no outdoor activity, no one’s on the beach since it is still prohibited. It’s so peaceful and quiet…a real beauty,” avers Piolo.

Doing daily exercises is what keeps the handsome Kapamilya busy during the lockdown.

“I guess, I already became a familiar face to the people residing in the area. I do a lot of walking in the inter-barangays. Usually, I walk in the morning. Sometimes, I try to walk a little earlier, try to walk and jog fast.

“But it’s inevitable sometimes when you have to slow down because of the people you meet along the way. They want to pose with you for a selfie shot. Of course, I oblige. It’s fun because I get to meet and mingle with the locals.

“Although I try to leave the scene early so I can cover more ground. There are moments as well when I walk in the evening. This way, I can reach farther since before dawn breaks, there are already lots of people in the streets.”

It’s not only this Covid-19 pandemic that Piolo sought sanctuary in his Batangas abode.

“Prior to the outbreak, I was also in here during the Taal Volcano eruption in early January. As you can see, it serves as my safe house from calamities.”

Speaking of these unfortunate developments in the country, the award-winning actor remains positive that everything will turn out fine eventually.

“All the tragedies that we’ve been through this 2020 are really hard to face. Despite these, I believe that these things shall pass. I just really want everybody to be able to survive and rise above the situation.

“It’s not only you who suffers. Everyone does. You just have to be sensitive and pray for these things. Personally, I’m not losing hope. I continue to pray for a bright future in spite of all the challenges that are present in our lives today.”

Having been in isolation for quite some time now because of the quarantine Piolo made some essential realizations in life.

“I think, before the pandemic, we were so caught up with the world. What it did was not only to slow us down but to make us stop. Everything was put to a halt.

“You see, we are always on the go. We’re busy working, always trying to do something different, something new. We simply got caught up in that web.

“In the process, we forget what the essence of our existence really is, of family, of life. For me, the most luxurious thing I can think of at this point is time. Time is of the essence since things happen so fast. What’s important for us is to value the time that we have not just for ourselves, but for everyone around us,” he ends.