By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Asked about the possibility of doing a grand project with perennial screen partner Judy Ann Santos once again, Piolo Pascual is optimistic that it will materialize eventually.

“Honestly, it’s not up to me. I already told Juday that I’m available anytime whenever she’s ready. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will push through before we get really old,” he avers.

According to the award-winning actor, there are lots of good materials for their screen tandem to work on.

“Of course, there are many. In fact, Tita Charo (Santos) is pitching in several which have interesting story lines. There are really lots of exciting concepts out there. We are just waiting for the right time!”

Interestingly, until now, he hasn’t worked yet with acclaimed box-office director Cathy Garcia-Molina. Would he want her to direct his project with Judy Ann if ever?

“Oh, yes! Who wouldn’t like that? Actually, there came a point in the past when Direk Cathy and I had some sort of misunderstanding. She thought I didn’t like to work with her.

“We were supposed to collaborate on some projects but they always got aborted. Due to this, she thought I didn’t like to work with her. Until now, we’re waiting for that project to come. I really hope it does soon. Direk Cathy and I are friends for two decades already,” reveals Piolo.

Meanwhile, it’s noticeable that in their weekly sitcom “Home Sweetie Home”, there’s a brewing love angle between his and Toni Gonzaga’s characters. It is public knowledge that he came into the scene after John Lloyd Cruz left the show to take an indefinite leave from the ‘biz. In the said sitcom, Toni and Lloydie is a married couple.

“This is the reason why we asked people, the viewers and even our friends who watch the show what their thoughts are regarding such development in the plot. It can’t be that abrupt. Not because John Lloyd is no longer in the cast means a new love team will be established. We’re still considering the Filipino values we ought to impart to the viewers. At the end of the day, we still want to cater to the Filipino family.

“It’s such a sensitive issue, but we are happy to be handling it well. As you can see, apart from me, there are also other characters who were introduced in the show like Empoy (Marquez), Ogie (Diaz) and Rufa Mae (Quinto). We want to epitomize the modern Filipino family and culture so it grows. The sitcom has progress.”

On the lighter side, the handsome Kapamilys star is happy that his former girlfriend KC Concepcion has reconciled with her French boyfriend Pierre Emmanuel Plassart.

“I’m really happy for her (KC). All I want is the happiness of everybody. I really wish her well—she deserves to be happy.”

Does she still communicate with KC after they buried the hatchet before and is he willing to work with her in a project in the near future?

“Yes, once in a while. Regarding a possible project with her, let’s just cross the bridge when we get there, okay!” ends Piolo.