By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Paulo Avelino sheds light on the rumor that he’s already burnt out and is contemplating on retiring from showbiz.

“Well, who knows? I might be out for three days or one week or three months. I really want to take a break after my latest soap ‘The General’s Daughter.’ I can’t say how long at this point. Let’s see,” he avers.

People tend to think that he came to this decision because he’s already getting married.

“That’s not true either. Again, it’s not for me to say that. If it will happen, so be it. But as of now, I don’t see myself exchanging ‘I do’s’ with someone. There are many guys out there who will tie the knots ahead of me.”

The good-looking Kapamilya star reveals the true reason why he eventually wants to slow down.

“Perhaps, I’m aiming for a more balanced life. I want to be more relaxed now. I don’t want to get under pressure with my work schedule. I don’t want to work with various projects simultaneously.”

He did the 2017 MMFF entrty “Ang Larawan” side by side with his newest silver screen offering “Goyo.” He also tapes for the afternoon soap “Asintado” opposite Julia Montes and is about to begin with “The General’s Daughter” alongside Angel Locsin.

“That’s why after my show with Angel, I intend to rest for a while. I want a slower pace this time. As I’ve said, I don’t want to be enslaved by my tight working schedule. I realized that it’s important to balance your personal life with work. All these years, that’s what I lack.

I’ve been very hard working to the point that I forgot to rest in-between. Now I want to correct it,” says Paulo.

Some quarters ask if he got inspired by John Lloyd Cruz who is currently on an indefinite leave from the ‘biz.

Honestly, what Lloydie did is admirable. Imagine he stepped back totally from something which he loves dearly. But I’m pretty sure he’s going to come back in the coming days. I heard he watched entries in the recently-concluded Cinemalaya and Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. From there you can see that he still supports the film industry.”

(Photo from Paulo Avelino Facebook Page)

Speaking of his soon-to-be-released movie “Goyo”, the appealing lad admits that he is under pressure as to its box-office performance. Everyone knows that its predecessor, “Heneral Luna” was a smash hit.

“Yes, I really want the movie to make money so that the team would no longer look for a sponsor or who will produce the next project. This is really an ambitious venture. Our director, Jerold Tarog wants to complete the three films starting with ‘Heneral Luna’ so that the public would further understand the timeline. It’s really a depiction of what really happened in the past.”

One of the movie’s most memorable lines is, “Remember who you are!” If he will answer such question, what would it be?

(Photo from Paulo Avelino Facebook Page)

“Currently, I’m still in the exploration stage. I’m still searching for answers to all the questions in my mind. I guess that’s human nature. We just don’t stop at a certain phase.

We want to be adventurous and explore the great unknown. Finding ourselves is a long process,” ends Paulo.