New California law to expand health insurance subsidy to middle-class families


SAN FRANCISCO – Covered California Health Plan (CCHP) is alerting the community about the changes to the new California law to make health insurance more affordable and upcoming annual open enrollment for signing up for coverage in 2020. There are important changes people need to know.

1) Unlike previous years, the Open Enrollment Period for getting or renewing health insurance is October 15 through January 15. Since the start of Covered California, the window of time when most people can sign-up for or switch to a new insurance plan has changed. But people must sign up by December 15, for coverage that starts January 1, 2020.

2) The insurance mandate is still the law for California residents.

3) The available financial subsidy has been expanded to include more middle-income families and individuals

According to Covered California health exchange, an estimated 235,000 middle-income Californians, who previously did not qualify for financial help because they exceeded federal income requirements, can now get help. They will be eligible to receive an average of $172 per household, per month.

Many of these consumers, especially those who live in high-cost areas like San Francisco and San Mateo, will see significant premium savings in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year.

New Income Guideline (effective 2020): Qualifying Annual Income Ranges for Additional State Financial Help in 2020 Household Size Up to 138 percent of FPL* 200 percent – 400 percent of FPL 400 percent – 600 percent of FPL 1 $0 – $17,237 $24,980 – $49,960 $49,960 – $74,940 2 $0 – $23,336 $33,820 – $67,640 $67,640 – $101,460 3 $0 – $29,436 $42,660 – $85,320 $85,320 – $127,980 4 $0 – $35,535 $51,500 – $103,000 $103,000 – $154,500

When asked, Deena Louie, CCHP’s CEO said: “In a high-cost area like the Bay Area, where even families with good income may struggle, this is a huge step toward helping to ease health insecurity for hard-working people. It’s great to know California is leading the way once again. This new ground-breaking law will make coverage more affordable for many middle-income residents. Our community is in a good position to benefit from the program.” Said Louie.

People are urged to contact CCHP to see how much financial help they qualify for and enroll. Contact CCHP at 1-877-224-7808 or visit CCHP also has Covered CA certified enrollment offices where people can get help in person and in Chinese.

Furthermore, people, especially seniors aged 65+ should not confuse the Covered CA Open Enrollment Period with that of Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. They are similar but different.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is October 15 through December 7th. Note the end date is earlier than that of individuals and families under 65 years of age. CCHP can help people with Medicare too. For people who want to enroll in or switch their Medicare plans, CCHP offers new and improved benefits for 2020. CCHP Senior Program (HMO) is a Medicare Advantage plan with generous benefits. New and improved benefits include:

– New for 2020, CCHP covers hearing aids
– Unlimited acupuncture visits
– $0 copay for annual physicals

CCHP Medicare coverage also includes free preventive maintenance, choice excellent doctors and specialists, can visit all major hospitals and a unique combination of Western medicine and Eastern therapies.

For people interested call CCHP at 1-888-681-3888 or visit one of the offices to speak with a representative in person.