Napa Montessori sparkles like fine wine on its 2nd commencement

The graduates, Napa Valley Montessori management, staff and invited guests.

Napa Valley Montessori Learning Center recently showed off their bumper crop. The best products of a Montessori school were honored at their 2nd annual commencement ceremony program for Kindergarten and Elementary last June 30 at the Doubletree/Hilton in American Canyon.

The program started with a processional march of 26 students in Primary, Pre-school, Kindergarten and Elementary, followed by a welcome address by Kevin Gerber, CEO of Napa Valley Montessori.

Napa Valley started as a pre-school then expanded to elementary. Now, it’s up to 5th grade. But by the way the yield is showing, there could be a bump up further.

Gerber said that with the help of the community, students and parents, the plan is eventually to have a High School at Napa Valley Montessori.

The highly regarded Class of 2017 received certificates and awards from the school teachers and invited guests.

The Napa Valley Montessori Learning Center accepts children between the ages of 2 years, 6 months and 12 years old. Their individualized program is designed in accordance with each child’s social and emotional needs, as well as his or her academic and physical development.

Napa Valley Montessori’s academic curriculum consists of reading, math, practical life, sensorial, geography, cultural subjects, and music. Their main goal is to provide quality Montessori education and childcare to Napa Valley and neighboring areas, to empower children by giving them the opportunity to achieve their highest potential as they grow to become confident, competent, caring, and productive citizens.

According to Julie Laghaei, Curriculum and Admissions Director for Elementary/Primary, their main focus is on individual development of each child, Napa Valley Montessori teaches students with an individual approach to lessons. This is not your typical classroom environment.

In fact, Napa Valley enhances the basic tenets of Montessori schools:
• A developmental-based approach to education. Montessori determines the needs of a child through observation then guides the child accordingly to appropriate learning activities and materials

• A philosophy focused on respect and partnership on creating environments in which children learn naturally, learn in harmony with one another, and where they actually want to go to school.

• Classes are warm, relaxed, and incredibly safe and secure in which children learn how to live and work in partnership with their adult mentors.

• Children learn at the deepest possible level to believe in themselves in an atmosphere of independence within community and personal empowerment. They never lose their sense of curiosity and innate ability to learn and discover and be confident in themselves, they open up to the world around them and find that mistakes are not something to be feared; instead, they represent endless opportunities to learn from experience.