NaFFAA leaders support Virginia Beach community after mass shooting 


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA — Leaders from the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) share their thoughts regarding last May thirty-first’s deadly shooting in Virginia Beach, VA:

Virginia Beach, VA, lies within NaFFAA’s Capital Region, and is a diverse area with a population of over 18,000 Filipino American residents. Krystle Canare serves as NaFFAA’s Capital Region Chair.

She shares, “As a committed advocate for mental health and wellness, I recognize how such violence can have devastating effects on the mental well-being and sense of security of anyone involved, both directly and indirectly. On behalf of NaFFAA, I offer our thoughts and prayers, though I must make clear that thoughts and prayers are not enough to address a worrying epidemic in our nation. We can and we must do more.”

“It is truly unfortunate and beyond comprehension that we must mourn for 12 more lost lives and pray for multiple injured,” states NaFFAA National Chairman Brendan Flores. “This is the seventh mass shooting that has occurred in the United States in 2019. And unless tangible action is taken, I fear that it will only continue. As the largest federation advocating for Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the United States, we urge policy makers to embrace and enact sensible and common-sense measures to prevent further gun violence. Implicit in this call to action is a focus on mental wellness as a responsible preventative measure.”