Nadine lies low from hectic schedule in the ‘biz


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Nadine Lustre reveals that it is her personal choice not to get cast in Viva’s entry to the forthcoming Metro Manila Film Festival titled, “Miracle in Cell #7.” She was replaced by Bela Padilla in the project which could have been her first screen team-up with award-winning actor Aga Muhlach.

“Well, I decided to lie low at this point. I realized my schedule is very hectic, even last year. The moment I started shooting the film ‘Ulan’ in 2018 until middle of this year, I thought that I should give the rest of the remaining year to myself,” she avers.

Does she feel drained already?

“Actually, it’s not that I’m already drained. Perhaps, I’m just the creative type of individual.

I have to take care of myself creatively or I will get depressed. I have to do something creative like traveling, listening to good music or reading a book.”

Many ask if she will do a movie again in 2020.

“As of now, I can’t give you a concrete answer. Let’s see.”

How about a new television show? It’s been quite some time already since her last soap “Till I Met You” aired.

“Yes! I have a new show titled, ‘Your Moment’ in which I share the screen with Mr. Boy Abunda and Billy Crawford,” says Nadine. “It’s a talent search with a twist. From what I’ve heard, it will start airing by November. I think it’s an interesting show that the viewers will like so better watch out for it!”

The award-winning young actress also shares that one activity which keeps her busy these days is song-writing. Does this mean she will do a recording album in the process?

“Well, let’s see. It’s also hard when you are the one writing the song. It’s not easy definitely. You know, going to the studio and you will sit there and discuss with your producer.”

Nadine shares that the song she’s writing is under the music label of her boyfriend James Reid called Careless Music Manila.

“That’s right! But as of now, even with the label, I’m also lie low. I haven’t released so many songs. Maybe we’re just waiting for the right time.”

Asked as to the effect of lying low from doing projects at this point, the popular lass states:

“Well, I’m happy with this development. For one, I feel very refreshed. The feeling is great.

It’s really different when you are able to rest and do what you just want to do. Like in my case, I’m also attending to some important financial matters.”

It’s inevitable that she’ll also be questioned on her boyfriend’s departure from Viva Artist’s Agency.

“With regards to that, all I know is that James’ contract with the company has already ended. That’s why.”

How about her? Does she also have plans of leaving her home studio in the coming days?

“I don’t see it coming. I’ve been with Viva for the past 10 years and I can say we’re okay,” ends Nadine.