By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Nadine Lustre’s relationship with James Reid is already on its third year and is still going strong. Many ask what their secret is.

“Actually, it’s all about give and take,” says Nadine. “We’ve had adjustments especially that we have different cultures. Everyone knows that James grew up in Australia. We both adjusted. We were very understanding of each other.

“We’re not really strict in our relationship. Like for example, if I don’t want him to go to a certain place, all I have to do is tell him without apprehensions. It’s simply nice that in the process, we’re both growing. I think that’s the best part.”

In what aspect in their relationship can she say that she grew?

“I guess, its biggest impact to me is that I learned to accept myself. Before, I had many insecurities, I’ve lots of problems and I was always stressed out.

But when James arrived in my life, I learned how to relax. I learned how to let go of stress and just enjoy life. I’m glad to say that so far, our relationship is doing very well. We don’t have any serious issue and are just happy with each other!”

Photo: James Reid and Nadine Lustre (Nadine Lustre Official Facebook Page)

Many people notice the big change in Nadine of late especially when it comes to reinventing herself. For one, in her social media accounts, she proudly posts her bikini photos which leaves everyone in awe.

“That’s right! Like what I’ve said, I learned to accept myself, my strengths and flaws. I can say I’m happy with the change in me.”

How about on James’ side, what positive changes does she think she brought out in him because of their relationship?

“Actually, the most important thing that both of us learned is to just relax, take things one step at a time and love life in general,” avers Nadine.

“There’s no bad vibes between the two of us. We are a good influence to each other. We don’t engage in fights. We are so relaxed.”

The dusky Viva star also reveals that she’s very transparent with her boyfriend.

“Yes, I learned to be open to James in the process. Everything I feel, I share with him unlike before when I was secretive. I hide what I truly feel. It gets bottled up and you feel as if it’s going to explode anytime.

“But now, if ever I have a problem, I tell James about it and the good thing is he always helps me. Jealousy does not exist in our vocabulary. We don’t let it affect our relationship. As I’ve pointed out earlier, we’re just relaxed.”

Interestingly, what are the things which James does that makes her tickled pink?

“To be honest, I just want little things. A simple hug or a heart-warming joke will do. I’m not a flashy individual. I think that’s what truly matters. And what’s good with James is that he’s very consistent.

“He’s very supportive of me. Like when my brother passed away. I was in grief and was very depressed. I appreciate it a lot that James was there and he understood that painful phase in my life. One thing more, he’s not materialistic. He appreciates the intangibles like my cooking for him,” ends Nadine.