Music: The Air REIGNE Breathes


By Aldwin Fajardo-Ponder, Journalist

Singing is the talent you would probably least expect from a baby who, at one day-old, had her lungs connected to a tube for life support on 03 October 2004. So when Reigne Gaebrielle Dancel Reario, at age 6, told her mom she wanted to join the school talent show at Monticello Academy in 2011, she got her mom’s; and Reigne developed her certitude from that very moment.

Reigne’s mom believed in her confidence but didn’t think that she could develop her singing talent quickly. All these changed, however, when Reigne’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” in June 2011 moved her first audience to tears.

From there, Reigne’s infatuation with music blossomed into passion. It didn’t take long before she was invited to play “Gertrude the Bird” in the musical “Seussical Musical Junior” at the Center Stage Performing Arts in Milpitas in June 2015. A contract with WynnStar Talent Production later paved the way for Reigne to perform in a variety of events and concerts — even singing the “Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” at the San Jose Giants Game, and also at the Stanford Women’s Basketball and Volleyball Games.

More invitations followed at the Golden State Warriors game at the Oracle Arena and Sharks game at the SAP Center with the Bantay Bata Voices.

Reigne has indeed come a long way but not without an unwitting experience with the most divine and blissful of life’s miracles. Reigne’s first 24 hours of life was in such critical condition that doctors predicted she wouldn’t live longer than 24hours if she was not rushed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and placed on life support. The air that her lungs had difficulty taking in is now become the power that allows her to sing beautiful melodies with people and in places she thought she could only dream about.

Reigne’s musical journey had amazing help from great vocal coaches. At age 6, prior to her first public performance at a school talent show, she learned purposeful singing tips from Ms. Ann Marie Luayon-Tecson of Bytes and Notes. She also took voice lessons from Ms. Pamela Serrano of PnC Music, Inc. in Milpitas, CA, and from two of the Philippines’ musical greats — Ms. Miriam Pantig and Ms. Cecile Azarcon-Inocentes.

With her love for music getting deeper as she grows older, Reigne’s interest extended to playing the piano, which she effortlessly learned only after a few lessons with Mrs. Sal Andres. She also learned how to play the guitar and the ukulele on her own. Determined to be a total performer, Reigne learned how to bust some moves and joined a hip-hop group composed of her co-talents at WynnStar Talent Production under JB Papas choreography – former G-Force Dancer in the Philippines.

“Music is the prayer my heart sings,” says Reigne. Yes, Music is life, it has Beats.

In August 2018, Reigne’s mom, Nathalie, wrote a poem that encourages teens going through emotional battle to come out and speak up. Upon reading the poem, Reigne volunteered to compose the melody and turn the poetry into an inspirational song called “Come Out.”

With the help of former pop star Tootsie Guevara and her mom, Theresa Pinga, Filipino hitmaker – Mr. Vehnee Saturno took notice of the song and helped produce Reigne’s first album — self-titled “Reigne” — which includes “Come Out” as well as three of his own compositions – “Litrato,” “Dear God,” and “Bulalakaw.” The self-titled album “Reigne” will be launched on June 7, 2019 at the Trianon Theater in Downtown San Jose, California USA.

This place is very memorable to Reigne as she had her first recital in this venue with a rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” (Further details will be posted on social media: Facebook @ReigneDancelReario, and Instagram @reignereario.) Part of the proceeds from the album launching will benefit Bantay Bata 163, a program of ABS-CBN Foundation International that helps the abused, neglected, and sick children of the Philippines, in line with Reigne’s personal advocacy to help children-in-need.

Recent feats such as winning first place at the St. Victor Talent Show in San Jose, CA in April 2018 and again first place winner at the Bay’s Got Talent in Daly City in December 2018 could be signals of Reigne’s star shining bright.

Reigne goes to goes to The King’s Academy in Sunnyvale, California and will be a 10th grader this coming school year. Reigne is also a member of the worship team in school, where she sings solo and play her ukulele most of the time. Although she gets too busy with her several gig commitments at times, education remains to be her top priority no matter what. There is no room for mediocrity when it comes to studies, says Reigne’s Dad – Rogie, who constantly reminds her. Reigne recognizes that her love for music will never expire with age, and will absolutely get better with good quality education nurturing it.