McDonald’s Gilroy Garlic Fries officially launched at McDonald’s restaurants throughout Greater Bay Area

Daly City McDonald’s Gilroy Garlic Fries Day Proclamation! In photo “Daly City 3” from left to right: Pat Martel (City Manager), Michael Guingona (City Council), Wai Ling Eng (McDonald’s Owner/Operator), David Canepa (Vice Mayor), Stephanie Eng (Store Manager).

Starting today, McDonald’s owner/operators are rolling out Gilroy Garlic Fries throughout the Greater Bay Area at participating restaurants. After a successful test at a few McDonald’s restaurants in the South Bay earlier this year, McDonald’s is excited to offer a Bay Area favorite to all McDonald’s restaurants throughout the Greater Bay Area. McDonald’s participating restaurants will have a gradual rollout of the new Gilroy Garlic Fries and will be available at all Greater Bay Area participating restaurants on July 27.

The new fries are made-to-order in McDonald’s kitchens where restaurant employees toss French fries in stainless steel bowls with a purée mix of garlic from Gilroy, California as well as other ingredients including olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley and a pinch of salt.

“McDonald’s has a long standing history of creativity and innovation. McDonald’s Gilroy Garlic Fries is a unique, regional offering that is tailored to Bay Area tastes,” said Nick Vergis, Co-op President, San Francisco Bay Area. “The innovation of this new menu item is due in large part to our local owner/operators and their commitment to providing food our customers want.”

McDonald’s French fries are one of the most-iconic items on the menu. The fries are made with North American-grown, premium potatoes – including Russet Burbank, Ranger Russet, Blazer Russet, Ivory Russet, Umatilla Russet and Shepody. Once suppliers harvest the potatoes, they are partially fried and flash frozen. Once they arrive at the restaurant, they are cooked in a Canola oil blend and served crispy and hot. McDonald’s French fries have zero grams of trans fat per labeled serving.

The garlic in McDonald’s new Gilroy Garlic Fries is grown in the Santa Clara Valley in Gilroy, California, approximately 80 miles south of San Francisco and nicknamed “The Garlic Capital of the World.”

About Greater Bay Area McDonald’s Restaurants
The Greater Bay Area McDonald’s Cooperative is comprised of individuals who own and operate McDonald’s restaurants in the 15-county Bay Area region. Local McDonald’s owner/operators are committed to their communities, supporting programs including Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of the Bay Area, Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco and Ronald McDonald House at Mission Bay, Ronald McDonald House at Stanford, two Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles serving Santa Clara County and Contra Costa County, and the RMHC Scholarship program. Follow McDonald’s of the Greater Bay Area on Twitter @Mcproduction operation in the United States and grows the garlic used in the Gilroy Garlic Fries.