By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

There’s no doubt that Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber are one of ABS-CBN’s top love teams at present. Products of the popular reality show “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7” (where Maymay is the grand winner), the pair has won the hearts of many fans in the archipelago.

They were successfully launched in the romantic comedy “Loving in Tandem” and were also part of the recent 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival top-grosser “Fantastica.”

Asked as to what their success formula is, Maymay avers:

“Personally, I think many people can relate to what I’ve been through in life. Regardless of what you were able to achieve or accomplish, there’s no reason for you to change. You should remain humble with your feet firmly planted on the ground, be appreciative and grateful and learn how to share your blessings.

Photo: MayMay Entrata (MayMay Entrata’s Official Facebook Page)

“In my case, I have no pretentions whatsoever. What you see is what you get. Right from the start. It’s so light when you know people like you because of who you really are. When you don’t have something to hide, you’re free to move. That’s why when I’m being the target of bashers, I just keep quiet. Why should I react or get affected when I know the truth, right?”

To this, Edward agrees a hundred percent.

“That’s true!” he says. “It’s more worth it if you’re true to yourself. Like me and Maymay.

We’re aware that people see us as somewhat weird which is what we really are in reality.

And we’re comfortable being such. I feel like a lot of people, especially the millenials who are more or less our age can relate to our weirdness.”

Photo: Edward Barber (Mayward Fan Facebook Page)

The good-looking lad knows though that not everybody can express their weirdness in the open.

“Unfortunately for some, they have to hide it. One clear example is one of my mom’s friends. Basically, she’s a loud and funny person, just like Maymay. One time, she went to a concert with her bosses. She had to behave and hide her funny side. She had to be quiet unlike when she’s with friends who know the real her. Maybe, this is the reason why people like watching me and Maymay as they can relate to our craziness.”

On her part, Maymay states:

“Perhaps, it’s my being ‘masa’ that the public really adores. They can relate to me. When you think that your idol is a star, it’s hard to reach out to her. You just can’t talk to her.”

This is the reason why the petite lass is doing her best to get to know her fans better.

“As much as possible, I allot time for them. I communicate with them. I show them who I really am. I let them feel that I’m not that hard to reach. In fact, during mall shows, if I can only talk to them one by one. You know, I want to give true entertainment to my followers,” ends Maymay