By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

In a recent interview, Matteo Guidicelli announced that his married life with Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo is presently doing well.

“It’s great…it’s amazing!” he avers. “It’s been two months since we tied the knots and all I can say is that everything’s okay. We’re discovering a lot more about each other in the passing of days.”

The good-looking Kapamilya admits he is enjoying their “extended honeymoon” due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine being implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Yes! It feels good being home, being with the family especially in my case that I just got married. Being with my wife, in a way, is a blessing in disguise. We have what you may call an extended honeymoon. It’s a time when we’re locked in our place and as I’ve mentioned earlier, we’re given enough time to know each other better, every single day. That’s the interesting part.”

Many of the fans are curious as to how he is adjusting to his new status as a married individual.

“It’s amazing! I would recommend it to all my friends! Ha-ha-ha! In fact, I’ve talked with some of my batch mates and they asked me how I am doing after getting hitched. I tell them to get married, too.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m just in my honeymoon stage. You see, I’m in the beginning of my marriage, but it’s amazing to wake up, sleep beside the person you love the most. It’s simply great!”

Matteo feels so blessed to have Sarah for a wife.

“It’s really a blessing that I found my partner. There are so many things that we could do together and so many things we could achieve together!”

Can he say that getting married is one of the best decisions he has done in life?

“Why, of course! For one, it makes you learn about yourself so much more. You also learn about humility, that you’re not always right. But the wife is always correct even though they’re not. Ha-ha-ha!”

“But on a serious note, with the status I’m currently in, you really learn how to balance, how to just give in, how to agree. You learn to be patient. It’s really a nice phase.”

This quarantine period Matteo also reveals that he keeps himself busy through a lot of things.

“Yes, I’ve been opening the Bible more often now—to be honest, to be very blunt, and to be transparent. Before, you are told to read the Bible and you open and read a page or so. But now, it has become part of my routine, to open and read the Word of God. Apart from that, I also read various types of books. I also get to cook more. There are many things that are going on even if you’re just in the confines of your abode,” he ends.