By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Martin Nievera feels good that he’s seen once again in ABS-CBN’s popular Sunday musical variety show “ASAP Natin ‘To.”

“Actually, it’s not a case of returning since I didn’t leave the show in the first place,” he avers. “The episodes when I wasn’t present in the show I was on tour. That’s why in the first two episodes of the newly-reformatted ‘ASAP Natin ‘To’ I wasn’t visible. But you know the schedules of artists like me. We go away for a concert tour then we come back as soon as it is over. So, the production team of the program has a hard time fixing all our schedules in order to match them. As for me, I’m just excited to go back and it’s nice to have new changes!”

Speaking of the show’s recent reformatting, the Concert King believes that change is good.

It can be remembered that Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla recently made her sentiments public regarding the issue.

“Well, I believe that it’s a good development. Although personally, I feel that the show didn’t need any kind of improvement. But of course, who am I to say, right? I’m part of the show. It’s like I’m from the inside looking out. People from the outside looking in, they are the ones who tell that ‘ASAP’ needs new portions.

“Then, we also have a new co-host in the person of Regine (Velasquez). So, I guess, somehow we really have to improve some main portions of the show. That’s the main goal of the production team.”

Nevertheless, the articulate singer-host reiterates that “ASAP” was already good the way it was.

“Oh, yes. That’s my personal opinion. ‘ASAP’ will always be ‘ASAP’ the way it was more than two decades ago. The way it is today. For one, I’m still the same guy.

“I’m just glad that I’m still part of the program after all these times. And that until now, we’re still looking for ways to give our audience pure entertainment and get better and better! We just can’t afford to stagnate. We need to improve somehow,” Martin explains.

It appears that in the present set-up, all “ASAP” artists will be rotated. They need not be seen altogether every Sunday.

“Again, that’s the foremost problem of any show like ‘ASAP’ that maintains lots of artists.

Everyone’s schedule is to be considered and more often than not, they don’t match. The idea of the rotation is actually a good move. Why? Number one, the show won’t suffer and second, the artists can do other stuff. They can explore their musicality. A singer needs to sing. Many of ‘ASAP’ regulars like KZ (Tandingan) and Yeng (Constantino) are singers before they became mainstays of the show.”

Some quarters are of the opinion that the show’s main front liners now are Regine Velasquez and Sarah Geronimo.

“A dream team if I may say so. So, the public can see that anything is possible with ‘ASAP.’

What was once thought impossible to happen is now a reality,” ends Martin.