By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

According to teen actress Maris Racal, she’s not bothered if she had a falling out with perennial screen partner Iñigo Pascual while they are in the promotion stage of their upcoming potboiler titled, “I’m Ellenya L” which is an official entry to the 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

“Actually, of all the changes that happened, I was able to accept the situation with an open mind. It didn’t take long. It’s good that in the movie, we’re not a love team. It helped that it’s not a love story but more of a comedy.

“I think the film is very relevant. It’s about social media and technology—on how to become influencers. Contemporary folks are into blogging, YouTube so they can very well relate to the plot.

“I am happy because our theme is relevant. I’m touched by the support of our producer especially when it comes to the promo. They assured me that it won’t border on the love team side. At least, I’m confident with that,” she says.

Many are curious to know why her love team with Iñigo (more popularly called MarNigo) didn’t end up as what the fans were expecting.

“To be honest, I can’t remember what happened specifically. Inigo and I are always like that: ‘away-bati.’ But we didn’t have any serious fight. We just talked things over and arrived at a mutual decision to just part ways as a love team.”

What are the reasons behind?

“Of course, we have our individual differences. We think differently career-wise. I guess it is better that things turned out that way for us to focus more on our respective career.

Perhaps, we just accepted that we’re not trekking the same road,” states Maris.

The petite star reveals that they did the movie last year and experienced testy moments.

“Yes! When we started shooting the film, our love team was still intact. We underwent some emotional tussle but as I’ve said, what’s good with the both of us is that we talk seriously on the matter on how it should get resolved. I appreciate the fact that our work relationship didn’t get affected because of what’s going on between us.

“As I’ve said, we just talked about it, no big fights whatsoever. When we’re on the set, we didn’t show the people that we’re fighting. We talked like mature individuals. Personally, that’s what I wanted. There’s nothing that can never get resolved with a good talk, right?”

The pretty lass is all praises for Iñigo’s professionalism while they’re shooting “I’m Ellenya L.”

“While doing the movie, we’re okay. That’s what’s good with the two of us. We don’t bring our personal problem on the set. We shoot scenes and do hosting stints together without mentioning the problems we presently experience. I guess we’re just professionals.

“And one thing about Iñigo, he doesn’t want to work with someone whom he has bad blood with. Before the shoot, he made sure that we’re okay. I appreciate that!”

Can she say that at this point, their special feelings for each other got lessened?

“It’s still special in the sense that the care is still there. Our friendship before is no joke.

There’s a soft spot really. Our love team brought us many blessings: movies, commercials, etc. So it’s not like we don’t want to be with each other anymore. I guess it’s still there. In fact, we talk until now.”

Curiously, is there a possibility that they’ll be back into their old state?

“I don’t know. It depends. Only time can tell.”

Maris is grateful to the fans for still being there despite the fact that she and Iñigo had a falling out as a love team.

“Oh yes! I’m so thankful to all our supporters because they’re still there. They stayed even if they know that Iñigo and I didn’t end up together in real life. They were able to accept it.

“They’re the best! They want us to grow in our respective career. They support both of us and it’s just awesome.”

Does she have any regret that MarNigo didn’t push through?

“Honestly, none! We did our best. But if something is not meant to be, so be it. Accept things and learn from the experience. What’s important is that Iñigo and I remained good friends. We didn’t burn bridges. If there are future projects for us that we’d still like to do together, then we’ll do it,”” ends Maris.