By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Screen hottie Marco Gumabao recently left his original management Star Magic to ink a contract with Viva Artist Agency and there is no sign that he regretted his decision.

“For me, I see it as a good career decision,” he avers. “It’s like a fresh new start for me once again and I’m excited!”

The appealing lad narrates that the transition was smooth.

Photo: Marco Gumabao (Marco Gumabao Official Facebook Page)

“Oh, yes! I’ve been with ABS-CBN for five years and admittedly, I owe them a lot. I started with them where I was able to build a family with lots of people. When I told them my plan, that I wanted to do more, they readily saw my point and agreed to let me go.”

The 24-year-old star understood if for the past years he wasn’t given enough projects by his former home studio.

“Of course, you can’t blame them since they have lots of wards in their stable. They have to attend to each one of us and not everyone they can include in their line-up of new shows. With this realization, I thought that it’s best to change and go to a new management which can give my career the much-needed push!”

Just like any talent who switched management, he had initial fears of not getting the projects he so longed to have.

“At first, I was really very hesitant to jump to a new management. In fact, my former handler in Star Magic asked why I decided to leave when I’m inside the network already. I said that I’ve been with them for five years already. Of course, I was able to create a name for myself during my tenure with them but it wasn’t really the career pace I dreamt.

“So I thought of trying new things and experiment which I could only achieve if I would transfer to a new management. I expressed my sentiment to Mr. Johnny Manahan and Ms. Mariol Alberto, two of our top honchos in Star Magic and I’m grateful that they understood my point. I would like to clear that there’s no bad blood whatsoever upon my release. It was in good fate,” states Marco.

Photo: Marco Gumabao (Marco Gumabao Official Facebook Page)

Can he say that he’s happier now with his career?

“Let’s just say that now, I feel that I’m where I want to be but still, there’s a lot more avenues to tap and explore. At present, I’m regularly seen in ABS-CBN’s afternoon soap “Los Bastardos” and recently appeared in the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival entry ‘Aurora’ starring Ms. Anne Curtis. I’m also slated to do two more movies come 2019. So, I’ll be more visible I guess in the coming days!”

Marco hopes that things will continue to be brighter for him next year.

“I’m happy with the positive developments in my career of late. I hope and pray that it continues that way. Personally, I believe that it should be slowly but surely. I don’t want an overnight popularity. I would rather have it in a step-by-step manner. It’s hard to have a huge leap from your present state because you might get overwhelmed and might not be ready for the consequences.”

As of now, what’s his wish?

“Well, that I’ll be given more opportunities to exhibit my acting chops in the coming days,” ends Marco.