By Corina Oliquino i FilAm Star Correspondent

MANILA — Majority of Filipinos or 63 percent find President Rodrigo Duterte’s “God is stupid” remark and recent rape jokes as “bastos” or vulgar according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

In its third quarter September 2018 survey, 83 percent say President Duterte’s “God is stupid” pronouncement as vulgar, 14 percent said it was not vulgar and the remaining three percent did not know; while 63 percent say his pronouncement that ”there are many rape cases in Davao City because of the many beautiful women living there” as vulgar, 33 percent said it was not vulgar and five percent did not know.

In a report by GMA News, President Duterte made the “God is stupid” remark during the opening of the 2018 National ICT Summit in June, where he slammed the Catholic Church, God and the creation story in the Bible.

“Who is this stupid God? Estupido talaga itong p***** i** kung ganun. You created something perfect and then you think of an event that would tempt and destroy the quality of your work,” he said.

In the same report, in his speech at the celebration of Mandaue City’s Charter Day in August, the President, in jest, said Davao City “has a high number of reported rape cases among major cities in the country because there are many beautiful women in my hometown.”

“The say there are many rape cases in Davao. Of course, if there are many pretty women, more rape,” Duterte said in his dialect.

“Nobody agrees to do it on the first try. That is rape. Even when they’re inside the cinema, she will push him away. ‘No, don’t.’ There are so many beautiful women. But if you happen to sit beside someone toothless, would you still want to do that?” Duterte told GMA News.

Duterte’s high ratings due to good communications — UP political professor
In an interview with ANC Dateline, Franco believed Filipinos still trust President Duterte because “they hope he can solve the problems hounding the country.”

Franco’s statement followed the release of SWS’ third quarter survey, where President Duterte’s satisfaction rating bounces back to “very good,” with 70 percent of adult Filipinos satisfied with Duterte’s performance and 16 percent dissatisfied, resulting in a +54 net satisfaction rating which is 9 points higher than the +45 score last June despite a recent drop and issues like inflation and his controversial remarks.

“I’m actually not surprised because President Duterte has very good communication skills to his political base, and he speaks and talks like a regular guy that makes him able to connect to his supporters,” Franco said.

Meanwhile, in another report by ABS-CBN News, Malacañang on October 1, was elated over the “recovery” of Duterte’s net satisfaction rating, saying Duterte’s critics failed at damaging his popularity.

“Katunayan na wala na silang mabatong isyu kasi umakyat na naman ang rating ng presidente to very good. Akala nila nagtagumpay na sila na sumadsad na ang ratings.

Sorry na lang sila,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said during a press briefing.

The report noted that Roque was referring to the incident involving ACTS OFW party-list Rep. Aniceto “John” Bertiz III who was criticized for allegedly disobeying security protocol and harassing a personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, saying Duterte’s critics seem to have “run out of things to say” and have resorted to blaming him for the supposed sense of entitlement being displayed by some of his allies.