By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

During Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino’s recent guesting in “Gandang Gabi Vice” for the promotion of their recently-shown movie “Exes Baggage”, the former admitted that one reason for her break-up with Carlo before was Maja Salvador. Despite her explanation that Maja shouldn’t be blamed for it because in reality, they’re okay, the latter still drew flaks from bashers.

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Asked about the effects of said bashing on her, Maja reveals:
“Honestly, I don’t let myself get affected by it. For me, bashers don’t exist in this world.

Yes, of course, we are living in a free country and everyone can openly say a piece of his or her mind. What’s important is you know yourself!”

The lovely actress validates Angelica’s pronouncement that everything’s fine between them.

“Oh, yes! There’s no bad blood between us whatsoever. Never did we have a problem because of the said issue. In fact, before their ‘GGV’ guesting aired, she already informed me about it. We exchanged text messages. She explained everything and I understood.”

She has an upcoming movie titled “To Love Some Buddy” produced by Black Sheep which also produced “Exes Baggage”, a surprise blockbuster. Is she under pressure due to the box-office success of their predecessor?

“Well, it’s inevitable. In all of my projects, whether film or soap opera, there’s always the nervousness before it is released. I will pray hard for our project to also make good at the tills. Whatever the result maybe, what’s important is that we were able to come up with a relatable vehicle!”

In “To Love Some Buddy”, she is paired with Zanjoe Marudo.

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“That’s right!” says Maja. “I hope it’s not the last. I only have good words for Z. We’re alike when it comes to work attitude. Our passion for the acting craft is there. Z’s PR (public relations) is also tops! Even if he’s already tired, you will never hear him complain. He has that ready smile to everyone. Definitely, this makes the workload lighter.”

Interestingly, she discovered something in Zanjoe while they were shooting the film.

“He has a pair of nice feet! We have lots of scenes in which he doesn’t wear shoes.

Actually, Z always strikes me as someone who smells good. When we did the movie, I realized that he doesn’t only smell good but is very clean physically. For me, that’s one thing I appreciate foremost in a guy—if he is clean and hygienic specially the fingernails. It reflects that he is capable of taking care of other people as well.”

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Maja is proud to say that she and Zanjoe have chemistry.

“Yes! I myself was surprised after seeing the initial rushes. It’s nice that we got paired. As I’ve said, our material is relatable and I’m sure the public will get intrigued by our maiden pairing on screen. I really hope this performs well at the box-office.”

Since both of them are single at the moment, some quarters are curious if there’s a chance for them to get developed with each other.

“I treat Z as a friend because we’re both from the same industry—we get to work in some projects. But after doing the film, I can say that he is now my true friend. We were able to bond together while doing this movie. I got to know him better.

“As to getting developed, let’s see. Not because he is Zanjoe Marudo and we were together in one project, I should be in love with him. What’s important is we both enjoy whatever friendship we have at the moment. It’s something which is not forcing through.”

Many ask when she would see herself tying the knot with her special someone.

“As of now, I can’t say. As everyone knows, I’m a certified workaholic. I really focus on my job. If it’s going to happen, then it will just come at the right time,” ends Maja.