Lozano 1st Fil-Am for Hayward City Council


HAYWARD — Popular immigration attorney Crispin Lozano, the first Filipino-American to run for the Hayward City Council, urged his fellow Filipinos to go out and vote on Election Day on November 3, to ensure that they are properly represented in policy-making in this booming East Bay community.

“Filipinos comprise 10.4 percent of the close to 160,000 population of the city of Hayward, and yet we remain largely invisible in the community, unable to make our voices heard in the city’s corridors of power for the simple reason that we have not had representation in the City Council,” said Lozano, who has been a resident of Hayward in the last 15 years.

Lozano said he is surprised that despite the high concentration of Filipinos in Hayward, there has not been a single Filipino to aspire for a seat in the City Council.

“it is important that we have a representative in the City Council to promote the interests of Filipinos and those of other minorities, particularly Asian-Americans, who comprise a combined 22 percent of the city’s population. Hayward is one of the most diverse cities in Northern California and it is only appropriate that the City Council should also have diverse membership,” Lozano added.

Lozano said he will also make sure to be the voice of the underprivileged, who are yearning for better and more stable jobs. Aside from being a topnotch immigration and bankruptcy lawyer, Lozano is also a certified public accountant and businessman, which he said makes him understand the concerns of small businessmen and their employees.

“Foremost in my agenda is to hasten the economic development of the city, which for years has been lagging behind its Bay Area neighbors,” said Lozano. “We have to have a viable plan to attract big businesses, particularly the technology firms, in the area the way other major cities in the Bay Area have done.”

He said this can be done by offering tax and other incentives to the companies, and assuring them of fairness, security and ease of doing business.

“We have a wealth of hardworking and able labor force that can offer equal and even better performance as those in big cities. We just have to make local ordinances that will be favorable to business and workers alike,” Lozano said.

Lozano said he also plans to attend to the city’s housing crisis. Also a licensed real estate broker, he has seen first-hand the importance of providing affordable housing to the city’s residents and to prevent discrimination in housing. (Val Abelgas)

Lozano, who has been a lawyer for more than 21 years, vows to support and promote policies “that will reduce crimes, that will make our schools safe and eliminate discrimination in housing, employment and criminal justice.”

Lozano said these are lofty goals that Filipinos can help make a reality by getting out and voting safely and show that “we have the numbers to get out from being an invisible group into active members of this great city.”