Lovelife, not Angelica’s priority at this point


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Angelica Panganiban sheds light on the issue allegedly involving her to a foreigner and actor Cholo Barretto. Prior to this, there was a photo of her circulating in social media in which she was shown embracing a foreigner.

“I would just like to clear that I’m not in love at present,” says Angelica. “The guy whom I was embracing in the photo is not my boyfriend. You see, I meet a lot of people when I travel. I don’t see anything wrong with that considering that people from other countries are not that conservative. They are expressive in what they feel. That’s just normal for them so I don’t see any harm in that.”

How about her being linked to Cholo?

“That one really made me laugh. I guess, people are like that, they can get malicious at times. Actually, that’s a normal reaction. What’s important is I know for myself what’s true.”

According to the critically-acclaimed actress, love isn’t her priority at this point.

“To be honest, I’m not looking for romance now. In fact, even if someone comes along, I will not entertain him. I’m so happy with my current personal state. I just can’t afford to ruin my happiness with where I am right now.

“I worked so hard to reach this state. I love myself more now then all of a sudden, there’s a new person who will enter my sphere? Everything might just get ruined. Perhaps, I need to feel that I’m really okay deep inside.

“I’m so okay with myself right now that I feel I don’t need another individual to make me happy. As I’ve said, I’m very happy at this point. I have this fear that my inner happiness might just get ruined if I would let a new person enter my life. It might just complicate things!”

As of now, Angelica enjoys traveling whether alone or with loved ones. Her last was in the USA.

“My recent trip to America turned out to be fine. I was able to spend quality time with my family and made the rounds in various tourist spots there. It’s good that I was given the chance to take a vacation so I made the most of it! Actually, I still have upcoming trips. It’s like you’re investing in yourself which is good because for sure, you won’t get disappointed.”

Meanwhile, the fans are already asking what her next big project is. It’s been awhile since she was last seen both in the big and small screens. Her last movie shown was “Exes Baggage” opposite Carlo Aquino which was shown in the last quarter of 2018 while her last soap was “Playhouse” which ended its run last March.

“Oh, good news because I’m back to work! I have a forthcoming movie with Richard Gutierrez and Bea Alonzo under Star Cinema. From what I know, I’ll be doing more films this year. Admittedly, I already miss acting so this movie with Bea and Richard excites me so much especially that there are plans that it will be fielded in the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival,” ends Angelica.