LBC now offers safe money transfer to families in the Philippines


LBC recently launched online remittance to be able to serve the millions of Filipinos in North America. Now, Filipinos from the United States can send money to their families living in the Philippines.

The partnership aims to provide a fast, convenient and safe way to transfer money online.

This is also part of LBC’s global digital transformation efforts maximizing technology to be able to reach a broader market worldwide.

Among the many financial solutions, LBC offers online remittance service wherein customers from the US can transfer money from either their credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts as payment to recipients anywhere in the Philippines where it maintains the 1,400 LBC branches nationwide.

Money remittance transaction of up to $500 is free when first-time customers use the code LBC1STFREE. Customers can easily, safely, and quickly transfer money to recipients in the Philippines, who in turn, can claim it from any of the LBC branches in the Philippines.

Other remittance services can sometimes take time to go through various channels and are sometimes peppered with loads of service fees. By choosing to work together with a wire service firm, LBC is eliminating these unnecessary expenses which it can pass on to customers.

Every family in the Philippines has a family member, relatives, or friends abroad. During the holiday season or even regular months, overseas Filipinos send money to those left behind in the country either as monthly support or assistance for specific life events or at times, in medical emergencies.

By giving Filipinos in North America the option of a wireless money transfer service, LBC is making it much safer and a lot easier than before for families to maintain their connection with each other.

Since it introduced remittance services in 1985 LBC North America is able to serve as many Filipinos living in the US and the recipients in the Philippines. The digital transformation efforts allowed the company to hurdle the challenges that come with offering remittance services.

LBC is aggressively pushing for multi-partnerships with companies with similar values of providing a quick and secure way of sending money, as well as goods, even in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas in the Philippines. Worldwide, the company is strengthening its remittance services through alliances with reputable companies.