Kwentuhan: A Time To Heal From The Stories Of Our Skin 2020


What does the tagalog word Kwentuhan (kwén-tu-hán) mean? ​The tagalog word Kwentuhan is a verb meaning “to tell a story to someone, to chat with someone”.

What is the purpose of the Kwentuhan Workshop Series? ​The purpose this series is to create a safe and interactive space for the Fil-Am community to learn the historical context of Anti-Blackness as it relates to the Filipino experience, to help participants discover their own internalized Anti-Black belief systems, and to share vital tools that start the life-long process of healing intergenerational Anti-Black sentiment in the Filipino community.

Why is this project important?​ As a population that has been colonized for over 600 years, the Filipino people have been subjected and participated in classim, colorism, and racism. Now, during this time of breaking down systemic racism, is the opportunity for Filipinos to heal many internalized stories of oppression and racism. So that as a people we can be liberated and stand in Transformative Solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters.

Who is this series for? ​Kwentuhan is for self identified Filipino(x)s who are ready to take a deep dive into their racial belief systems and who are ready to take ownership of changing their colonized perspective to embody and live an intersectional, inclusive, and liberated life.

What are the desired outcomes for the participants of the Kwentuhan series?

●  Ability to identify areas of Anti-Blackness and colonial mentality in their lives

●  Capacity to interrupt negative personal experiences with Black & African American individuals

●  Develop a deep understanding of the “4 I’s Of Racism” and how to apply it to their everyday lives

●  Continue to address intergenerational challenges and nuances by being able to hold courageous conversations directly related to Anti-Blackness in the Filipino community

●  Take away an empowered and embodied Transformative Solidarity with the Black Community resulting in a more inclusive and just world

What is the commitment level of the participants? ​This series is a cohort model that requests of participants to attend a minimum of 2 of the 3 live workshops. Monthly

“Processing Pods” are offered on an opt-in basis, as continued support for participants outside of the live workshops.

Is there a cost to participate? ​No. There is no cost to participate in this series. There is an application process during registration. There are only 30 spots available, keeping with the intention of holding a safe container for this tender and vulnerable work.

Who will be facilitating the Kwentuhan: A Time To Heal From the Stories Of Our Skin Workshops?

●  Bambu DePistola (Emcee & Community Activist) Bambu has been lauded by his fans and contemporaries for his lyrical storytelling abilities and his prolific​ | Instagram:​ ​@bambudepistola

●  Dr. Melissa-Ann Nievera Lozano (Professor of Ethnic Studies as Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, CA) Her teaching and research draw from womxn- of-color radical thought to address intersectional struggles of anti-blackness, classism, and cisheteropatriarchy impacting her community,

●  Jeannie Estellsa Celestial, PhD (Clinical Psychologist & Co -Author of The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook) She is a clinical psychologist and social-emotional-community activist who is passionate about holistic well-being. Instagram:​ @jeanniecelestial

●  Anî La’arni Ayuma (Queer Holistic Practitioner) Sh integrates the ancient healing arts with other somatic/energy healing techniques that promote well-being in her communities.

What organizations are coordinating this workshop series?​ Two organizations are working in partnership to be the backbone coordination of this series:

●  FMHI – ​Filipino Mental Health Initiative Of San Francisco

●  Community Well