By: Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

It was in 2008 when Kim Chiu made a movie for Regal Entertainment. Ten years after, she’ll do her next big project for Mother Lily Monteverde’s durable film outfit and the chinky-eyed Kapamilya star is simply excited.

“That’s right!” she avers. “It feels so good to be back in Regal grounds after a decade. If you’ll remember, I was part of the episode ‘Class Picture’ in that year’s edition of ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll’ that was fielded in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. Now, I’m headlining this potboiler titled, ‘One Great Love.’ This early, I’m thrilled to start shooting!”

The movie is to be directed by Eric Quizon.

“Actually, it’s a coming-of-age love story and I’m certain a lot of movie buffs can relate to it. The plot is about a woman who is already in her late twenties and is confronted with questions regarding her getting hitched. That’s a pressure for any woman specially those who haven’t found the right men for them yet.

“I remember reading the script in one of my flights. Up there, the story impressed me that as soon as I reached the airport, I immediately called my handler to inform that I’m going to do it. I felt it is one project I couldn’t pass.”

It’s good she was able to seal the deal with Regal considering that she’s a contract artist of ABS-CBN’s film arm Star Cinema.

Kim Chiu Facebook Page

“Well, I talked to my bosses over at Star Cinema particularly ‘Inang’ Olive (Lamasan). I asked permission from them if it’s just okay to do a project for Regal while waiting for my next big movie under Star Cinema. ‘Inang’ assured me that they’re cooking up something for me in the coming days so until that time comes, I can entertain other offers just like this one from Regal.

“It was so kind of ‘Inang’ to allow me to appear in ‘One Great Love.’ At first, she asked me if I like the material. When I said yes, she gave her consent right away. That’s how smooth things went,” Kim reveals.

For this film, the petite actress will have Dennis Trillo for a screen partner, something that makes her feel nervous.

“It’s the first time that I’ll be paired with someone from the rival network. Everybody knows how competent an actor Dennis is. Every time I attend awards nights, he’ll always win a trophy. With him as my leading man, I’ll really get motivated to come up with an effective performance. The challenge will be good for me.”

Kim Chiu Facebook Page

They already had a story conference for the movie which also features JC De Vera, Miles Ocampo and Marlo Mortel.

“It was the first time as well that I saw Dennis personally. During awards ceremonies, we don’t get to talk. It was the first time that I had communication with him. A showbiz scribe even teased me that Dennis is the quiet type to which I said, I’m the opposite so there will be balance,” ends Kim.