By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Asked if in reality she believes in the title of her entry to the forthcoming 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival “One Great Love”” opposite Dennis Trillo and JC De Vera, Kim Chiu avers:

“Personally, I believe that there is such. At first, I have difficulty understanding the difference among great love, true love, first love or ne-sided love. There are many types of love which makes people crazy. But for me, I believe in one great love!”

Interestingly, has she experienced unrequited love?

“I guess, a great majority of us isn’t spared from this. We have our own share of story of our involvement in a one-sided love. Yes, at one point in my life, I can say I experienced it. But I’m thankful that I was able to break free from it eventually. If it’s one-way, you should let go, don’t hold onto it. It’s not worth it.”

When can she say that a love affair has already turned one-sided?

“When it’s evident that he has directed his attention to another love and you’re left alone on one side,” explains Kim. “When you realize that you’re the only one giving love. You should leave the situation when that is already the case. It’s so unfair on your part.

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“Anyway, there are so many guys in this world, right? Don’t let yourself get stuck in a relationship where the love you give is not given back to you in return. It should be two-way. That’s where true love steps in as you compromise to each other.”

Speaking of her 2018 MMFF entry, the chinky-eyed Kapamilya star assured that it is so far her most mature screen portrayal.

“I know that you’ll hear from lots of stars that they’re different in their latest potboilers. It has become a fad come promotion time. But in my case with this project, I can really say that this is a fresh take for me. It’s something truly different from my previous starrers.”

According to Kim, she stepped up in “One Great Love.”

“Yes, it’s like I’m five steps higher here. I really went out of my comfort zone in this one. For one, it’s the first time that the people will see me do a love scene. In my entire career, it’s only now that I agreed to do such kind of scene. That just goes to show that I have so much faith in the material. I want the public to see a different Kim in this film!”

The petite actress is proud of the fact that in her latest big screen offering, she’s hands-on.

“It was very encouraging that I was given the chance to make suggestions in the scenes being shot, particularly mine. I’m very happy that Direk Eric (Quizon) was open to my ideas on how to improve the scenes. I’m humbled that he appreciated my comments. It was the first time that I experienced being able to express my viewpoints to my director.”

Meanwhile, she only has good words for her co-stars.

“They’re both nice and serious with their craft. Dennis is the quiet type but when he faces the cameras, wow! He’s such a brilliant actor. Everybody knows his caliber as a performer. JC is good as well. I’m really honored to share the screen with such talented thespians.”

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Kim is hopeful that film buffs will support their MMFF entry this year.

“I’m certain that they’ll like it. It’s a fresh combination and the storyline is very relatable. I’m excited with how the viewers will accept it. I hope that come December 25, they’ll take time to watch it. It’s definitely worth their time and money,” she ends.