By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

According to Khalil Ramos, it’s no issue between him and rumoured girlfriend Gabbi Garcia if they happen to belong in rival networks. As everyone knows, while he is an ABS-CBN talent, Gabbi’s home base is GMA.

“You know, it’s really funny because it never became a problem or hindrance in our relationship. It was never a big deal for us if we are affiliated with rival mother studios,” he avers.

Photo: Khalil Ramos (Khalil Ramos Official Facebook Page)

On the contrary, the set-up became more advantageous for them.

“That’s right! For one, we don’t get to see each other every day which leaves room for missing and surprise. We don’t have the same road managers. It’s totally separate but relatively the same because we come from the same industry. We’ve worked with the same producers and directors so, it didn’t pose much challenge to us!”

“Actually, that’s every one’s query. They wonder how we manage said set-up. But if given much thought, our relationship was established out of the limelight. We weren’t confined in just the four corners of the ‘biz.

“Usually, you become sweethearts in real life when you start as a love team. You get developed along the way. But in my case with Gabbi, we were friends first. We got introduced by a common friend and that’s how we started. We’re grateful that it wasn’t based on work.”

Interestingly, how long is his relationship with Gabbi running?

“Hmm…it’s more than a year now. I guess, it’s approaching two years already!” reveals Khalil.

Their similarities are a great factor why they click together.

“That’s true! We’re both independent and possesses leadership qualities, which makes us clash as well. Gabbi is such an independent gal. That’s also one reason why we’re not clingy with each other. We’re not dependent on each other. No one is under anyone. We’re equals.”

Photo: Gabbi Garcia (Gabbi Garcia Official Facebook Page)

One clear example is the recent holiday season in which they weren’t together.

“I was away for one month. I travelled to the US. We didn’t see each other on Christmas and New Year. She was with her family. We were miles apart then but it was just okay.

“Actually, we appreciated such development that time because we were able to spend quality time with our respective family. It also gave us the chance to enjoy our ‘alone’ time. It’s very important to still have time for yourself even if you already have a partner. You’ll be surprised to know that you can still explore a lot of things just by yourself. Me and Gabbi, we don’t stop ourselves from experiencing that.”

The cute lad states that he has plans to study in America in 2020 and Gabbi supports it.

“It’s already our agreement. She’s very supportive of my plans especially for self-improvement. We just tell ourselves to do what we want to do in life. What matters is we’ll always be on each other’s side no matter what,” ends Khalil.