By Elpidio R. Estioko

San Jose, CA – There are three types of people that we get in contact with every day of our life: those who watch things happen; those who wonder what happened; and those who make things happen.

This was the gist of Systems Engineer John C. Shaw, Founder, CEO and President of Power Community Development Systems, Inc. and Silicon Valley Africa Developments International, Inc., in his key note speech during San Jose Job Corps’ 8th Annual Commencement Day held on August 19, 2018 at its 11-acre campus in San Jose.

“As graduates, you belong to the third type of people… you made it happen,” Shaw said, “but don’t stop there! Keep on making things happen!” Shaw emphasized that as Job Corps students, they can acquire the character that will propel them to success, just like what happened to him. He was a former Job Corps student in Alabama. “It reminds me of my student days 50 years ago. My Job Corps years served as a stepping-stone that allowed me to be here today”.

Shaw continued urging the graduates to build their character that will propel them to succeed in life. “Your character follows you every now and then… all your life,” he said.

In order to build a character that will guide them to succeed, he discussed the 6-letter words that will guide them in their daily activity. First is the word why? Shaw said if they have to examine the purpose of their life, they would know why they are living their life.

Next is the word what? He said what is the product of service, of what they are working now. Then How? This briefly suggest to exert minimum effort to get maximum result. Of course the word Where? Is the total holistic approach of what they are working for? And lastly, the word When? Here Shaw mentioned the actual practical schedule in order to get to where they are going.

In closing, Shaw said “If you didn’t practice the 6-letter words, it will always come back and hit you”. Apparently what Shaw was saying is that when you practice the 6-letter words, it will guide the students to better heights and be successful in life.

For her part, Center Director Leslie Gilroy congratulated the graduates, their parents, and the staff, in her welcome remarks. Justin Jacobson a HSD graduate led the signing of the Star Spangled Banner while Annamarliny Bernal, also a HSD and CTT graduate, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Graduate speeches were delivered by Adrianna Hernandez, HSE graduate and Michael Iskenian, also a HSE graduate. Laurie Pianka, Executive Director of Community Development and Career Pathways (SIATech) led the turning of the tassels for the graduates. Career Development Director Philip George served as the Master of Ceremonies. Others on stage were Deputy Center Director Chris Allen; Employment Director Mary Eros; Academics Manager John Davis; Career Technical Training Manager Sheena Mikesell; and Career Preparations Phase Manager Jonathan Quijas.