Julia Wants Edgier Roles this Time

Photo: Julia Barretto in Japan. (Julia Barretto Official Instagram Page)

By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

In her recent interview for her new iWant project titled, “I Am U”, Julia Barretto announced that at this point, she prefers not to be tied to a love team.

It’s public knowledge that for three years, she was half of the popular JoshLia tandem opposite former steady Joshua Garcia. During that period, they were able to make the hit potboilers, “Vince and Kath and James”, “Love You to the Stars and Back”, “Unexpectedly Yours” and “I Love You Hater.” They also headlined their own soap opera “Ngayon at Kailanman.”

But now, after their split-up, it appears that they’re now trekking different career paths. For Julia, it’s just okay having no permanent love team.

“Yes, I think I already graduated from that phase in my career,” she said. “It’s better since I can now explore more as an actress.  I’m simply very grateful to be trusted with projects that are far different from my previous outings. I’m glad that I’m now freer to do some scenes and roles that take more risks. In short, I can now take roles fearlessly! Now, I can be the actress that I’ve always wanted to be.”

The pretty lass cleared though that she’s not closing her doors on doing rom-com projects.

“Please don’t get me wrong! I’m thankful and blessed to have experienced what it is like to be in a love team. But for now, I’m past that stage. I can still do ‘kilig’ projects but this time, I want to try it in romance dramas or classic love stories. I still enjoy doing rom-coms actually but I want my role to be edgier.”

Has she outgrown her former love team and boyfriend Joshua?

“Well, I respect whatever choice he has for his career. I guess, he is now more associated with Janella (Salvador). They’re now being called JoshNella if I’m not mistaken after doing ‘The Killer Bride.’

“His choice to still be part of a love team, I respect it. As for me, I’d rather experiment with projects now. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m so happy to be in a phase of my career where I get to do more mature characters. I get to work with other actors, which is essential for my growth as an artist.

“Now, I’m not boxed. I can try various genres and experience working with other leading men and directors. Just like my latest offering, ‘I Am U’ where I’m paired with Tony Labrusca. It’s something new, a breath of fresh air, so to speak. This series is a psycho-thriller where my character has a doppelganger.

“It’s also the first time that I get to do some daring scenes. Yes, the role is quite edgy and challenging. It’s a good material for me and Tony whom by the way I’ll be paired once again in an upcoming soap opera.”

Does this mean there’s no way she’ll do a project with Joshua again?

“No, I don’t say that. It’s still possible that I will work opposite him in a project—but definitely, not now. That’s still in the future because I’m still working on Julia both as an individual and actress,” ended Julia.