Judy Ann’s thoughts on “Ghosting”


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Judy Ann Santos admits that she also became a victim of “ghosting” before. The term “ghosting” became popular due to the controversial break-up of Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo and it means a sudden departure from a relationship without any explanation or advice.

“Actually, I just learned how to accept the situation and just moved on,” says Juday. “It happened to me not just once but a number of times. Maybe, it didn’t become a big issue since there was still no social media way back then.

“I just didn’t mind it. If they didn’t want, so be it! That’s how I handled the situation. Of course, it’s painful. The mere thought of investing so much in one person but sadly, he didn’t want it anymore. Who won’t get hurt, right?

“But things like that, I realized are not worth my time. Personally, each passing hour is essential to one person. So, why would you use it to something which is not productive? If the other party got cold already, then it’s time to say goodbye!”

What matters to the critically-acclaimed actress is that her conscience is clean.

“That’s right! As long as I know I didn’t fool someone and that my love is genuine, I’m good. Regrets? I have none. It’s all part of the true love you gave the other person only, he didn’t see it.

“What’s important is that I’m living peacefully because I don’t have any fault or guilt. I’m happy with that. When you love, you give it your all— you give your heart out to the other individual!”

Interestingly, Juday doesn’t believe in closure.

“If the other person doesn’t want a formal ending to it, then why would I go after him just to get that closure? I won’t push myself to someone who doesn’t like my presence anymore. I won’t waste my precious time with somebody who doesn’t care about me in the first place.

“But of course, I can only speak for myself. I don’t know with the others. This is my experience in the past. I just learned to accept that if a person let go of you, then, it’s high time to move on. We don’t need closure anymore. It’s enough that you’ve hurt me,” she avers.

After going through lots of hurts before, the popular actress reveals it didn’t make her cynical on love. She still chose to trust and be in a meaningful relationship.

“Well, not all guys are the same. It will take time before you’ll find the one with pure intentions but it will come eventually. It will come at the perfect time—when your heart and mind are ready and you’re willing to give everything to the other person. You will feel it.”

The “Starla” lead states that ghosting can happen to anyone.

“It’s inevitable. Challenges come in various forms and sizes. It’s up to you how you’ll deal with it. It’s also at this point when your faith in God plays a major part. If your faith in Him is strong, everything will fall into its proper place. We got hurt for a reason. In the end, you’ll realize it made you a better and stronger person in the process,” ends Juday.