By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

According to Jessy Mendiola, she is no longer keen on the idea of working with fellow Kapamilya talent Enrique Gil on screen once again. It can be remembered that the two figured in an unpleasant incident on their flight to London in 2015 for an “ASAP” event there.

“I think it is better that way,” she avers. “Let’s just leave it as it is. Personally, I’m okay with it.”

If that’s her stand with Enrique, it’s different with JM de Guzman. As everyone knows, the latter is her former boyfriend and they parted ways in the same time with her rift with Enrique.

Photo: JM de Guzman (JM de Guzman Official Instagram Page)

“Oh yes! Just like what I’ve said last year, I’m already prepared and willing to work with him. Perhaps, he’s the one who’s not ready!”

How come she was able to say that?

“Please, don’t get me wrong! I’m just assuming. Maybe, it’s not yet time.”

For the lovely lass, it’s their mother studio that will decide at the end of the day.

“Of course, they call the shots!” she states. “It depends on ABS-CBN. The management has the say as to the projects we’re doing. They haven’t offered us a project together yet so I guess, it’s not yet time. Let’s just wait and see!”
There are rumors circulating that she will be moving to rival network GMA-7 soon.

“There’s no truth to it. I haven’t received any feelers from the Kapuso management. Besides, I have no plans of leaving my present station. But if there’s more work in GMA, why not? It’s just as of now, I’m still very much in touch with ABS-CBN!”

Meanwhile, Jessy explains why there are moments when she answers back to her bashers in social media.

“I think it’s just right if at times, you confront this kind of people so that they’ll know the truth. It doesn’t mean that you’re a ‘patola.’ If you feel that things need to be clarified and corrected, then why won’t you say your piece, right?

It’s more of letting the other person know what really the truth is.

“I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s the right thing to do. It’s not healthy on your part if you will just keep mum even if negative words are already being hurled at you. In the first place, stars are also human beings.

“We are capable of getting hurt, too. If we feel that things are already below-the-belt, we have the right to assert ourselves. Call it ‘patola’ but for me, it’s just but apt to get their facts straight!”

The female lead of the latest Regal Entertainment offering “Stranded” which also stars Arjo Atayde is actually thankful to her current steady Luis Manzano when it comes to facing bashers.

“He helped me a lot. He’s got a very healthy attitude in confronting bashers. He doesn’t get affected. He just treats it as a joke,” ends Jessy.