By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

After top-billing the highly-successful soap opera “Halik” along with Sam Milby, Yam Concepcion and Yen Santos, Jericho Rosales announces that he would refrain from doing a drama series again in the coming days.

“Actually, I’ve been saying this in the past,” he avers. “In recent years, I did ‘The Legal Wife’, ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’ and then, ‘Halik.’ I’m happy and proud that said shows clicked with the viewers but at this point, I want to re-package myself, do something new.

It’s my responsibility as an artist.

“Hope people won’t get me wrong. It’s not because I’m already tired of the ‘biz or the acting profession in general. In fact, I want to work harder. It’s just that I want a fresh material. As I’ve said, doing something new will be a most welcome idea. I plan to take a three-month respite before bouncing back into the scene again.”

Speaking of staging a comeback, the handsome actor was asked on fellow Kapamilya ward John Lloyd Cruz’s possible return to the showbiz scene after a hiatus for more than a year already. Recently, it was learned that Lloydie will be endorsing a huge account to the delight of his fanatics.

“That’s great news! Actually, I knew that even before. He’s a talented guy and it’s not good to see such talent be put into waste, right? I’m positive that he will come back. Just like Diet (Diether Ocampo). I heard he will stage a comeback. Maybe it’s the season of comebacks! It’s so exciting!”

Echo recalls that he also experienced taking a long break from acting before.

“That’s right! I think it was in 2006. I opted to turn my back from acting just to give way to music. Honestly, it became an eye-opener for me which made me realize how vital my showbiz career is. You can’t leave it just like that. I’m not saying that you can’t take a break from the scene sometimes. Actually, you need to turn your back on something to realize and discover that you love it dearly,” he states.

When it comes to his married life, the critically-acclaimed actor could not ask for more.

“Kim (Jones) is the greatest blessing in my life. She perfectly understands my passion for acting because she also has the same for her own field which is modeling and hosting. I’m really so blessed to have a wife who has the same level of passion for her craft.”

This is the main reason why they are not so keen on having kids at this point.

“We have our respective dreams for our career. We feel we still have so much to do in the fields we belong in. Having a child now is not a good idea since we’re very busy with our respective career. Anyway, no one or nothing is putting us under pressure to have a baby.

I believe it will come in the right and perfect time,” ends Jericho.