Janella to be paired with Joshua for the first time


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Janella Salvador confirms that her screen partner in her next grand soap opera is none other than Joshua Garcia.

“That’s right!” she says. “We’re together in the upcoming ‘The Killer Bride’ which is top-billed by Ms. Maja Salvador. He will be my love interest in the story. It’s nice that finally, we’re doing a project together. Unknown to some, we were supposed to do one in the past but it just didn’t push through. It will be my first time with him and I’m simply excited!”

Some quarters are curious if she already told her close friend Julia Barretto about such development. The latter is Joshua’s official love team and rumoured ex-girlfriend.

“You know, Julia and I are very close. We hang out together, actually, with Joshua so it’s no big deal. There’s no fuss about it. When she learned about it, it was very much okay with her.”

The talented lass reveals that her role in “The Killer Bride” is quite different from her previous screen portrayals.

“Actually, it’s more mature,” Janella avers. “My director, Mr. Dado Lumibao wants my delineation of the character to be more sensual. It goes with the story because it has a deep and mature theme.”

Does this mean she’s ready to gradually leave her teeny-bopper image?

“Yes! And as I’ve said, it’s a thrill. Like my part in ‘The Killer Bride’ is very challenging. I will just pop in the scene and claim that I’m being possessed by the character of Maja.

Admittedly, I feel the pressure as early as now. I have numerous preparations for the role, including speaking fluent Tagalog.”

Speaking of friends, Janella also shares that although they’re not together that often, her friendship with Liza Soberano remains intact.

“Lately, I don’t see her that much because she’s busy with her finger, right? I think she will have to undergo operation. I already sent her my good luck wish on the procedure. It’s just sad that her finger had to be severely affected like that.”

Because of the injury, Liza had to beg off from portraying the iconic “Darna” role on its latest big screen instalment. Interestingly, did she audition for the part?

“I don’t know. Ha-ha-ha! I don’t know!”

Many guessed that she did because of her recent posts in her social media account in which she was shown doing physical workout. Is it a preparation for something?

“Not actually. It’s just for the purpose of being healthy. Ever since, I didn’t engage in rigorous workout. I’m kind of lazy doing that. But now, I realized, why should I not give it a try?

“I might feel better if I do it. And I did! I felt good about myself. I feel more confident now.

The workout sessions really helped in preparing me for future acting projects,” ends Janella.