By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Jameson Blake wants to clarify that he and Elisse Joson are not playing beautiful music together at present.

“The rumor started after my guest appearance in the late night showbiz-oriented talk show, ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda.’ I guess, people had a different interpretation when I said that Elisse is the last girl that made me tickled pink.

They also put another meaning to the fact that I was able to compose a short poem for her on the spot during that guest stint,” he says.

According to the handsome young actor, he and Elisse are just friends.

“That’s the truth! We got close when we were doing the soap opera ‘Ngayon at Kailanman’ top-billed by Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia. That’s where our friendship blossomed. There’s nothing more than that. I’m happy that until now, we’re still good friends!”

So it’s not true that he is courting the appealing lass?

“Actually, that’s what people thought but in reality, there’s no courtship happening. For one, I don’t want things to happen just like that. Elisse and I are just friends and we’re glad we got to know each other while doing the soap. To reiterate, there’s nothing special between us.”

Some quarters think that he won’t be able to compose a poem that fast if he doesn’t have special feelings for Elisse.

“Well, I really compose haikus. It’s one of my natural gifts so it appears easy for me. I consider Elisse as a good subject because apart from being a good friend of mine, she’s a nice girl. She’s got no pretensions.

“She’s simply being herself and I like that. She’s nice and jolly, too. She cracks down jokes. She’s really a fun person to talk to. I really enjoy her presence.

But as of now, we don’t really get to see each other. I’m busy with my shows and so is she,” says Jameson.

Photo: Jameson Blake (Jameson Blake Official Instagram Page)

Some fans opine that if ever, he needs to ask permission from his fellow Hashtags member McCoy de Leon if he will court Elisse. McCoy and Elisse were a former love team and had a romantic involvement with each other.

“I don’t see the need for that since at this point, I’ve no plans whatsoever. Of course, everyone knows what happened between them. What’s important is I’m friends with both of them!”

The be-dimpled lad reveals that nothing has changed with his friendship with McCoy in the midst of this controversy.

“McCoy and I just talk when we’re in ‘It’s Showtime’ as members of the Hashtags. We don’t really hang around or go out. Before, we used to play games together. We’re just cool!”

For Jameson, work is his top priority.

“Yes! I’ve been very vocal about it even before. My work is on top of the list along with my family. There are also my friends. It feels good that at present, I’m busy with various projects. I want it to continue that way. I don’t like to ruin the momentum, so to speak,” he ends.