Story and Photos by R. Mascardo

OAKLAND, Calif.– For the Raiders and their fans, it took a dark twist in most likely the final game at the Oakland Coliseum, the Raiders lost 20-16 to the Jaguars on a touchdown in the final minute.

The Raiders could not close out the game, in the second half on the possession before Conley’s touchdown catch. Derek Carr was ruled out of bounds on a scramble after it appeared he’d slid in bound to keep the clock running.Receiver Tyrell Williams dropped a potential first-down catch on the third down.

Photos by R. Mascardo

Kicker Daniel Carlson missed a 50-yard field goal try, but he was given a second attempt as the Jaguars were flagged for running into the kicker. From 45-yard, Carson missed again.

After the Jaguars went ahead, the Raiders drove to Jaguars 40-yard line for two Hail Mary attempts. In probably the final NFL play at the Coliseum. Carr aired a throw to the end zone that was swatted away by the jaguars to clinch the game.

A festive atmosphere at the Coliseum for the most of the day turned sour. Carr made his way to the Black Hole fan section after the game, but it was with boos sounding in the Stadium.

For fans who stuck it out despite the  team’s pending move to Las Vegas, it was a bitter defeat in the final game at the Oakland Coliseum.