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By: Ben Lou

Segment 118

Q:  My child is a minor, why do I need to check his credit report?

A:  Anyone with Social Security number can have their identity stolen.  Yes, even your minor child’s information can be used by thieves to perpetrate their evil deeds.  I am sure you would not want your young teen ager to be dealing with reporting identity theft to the police department and writing letters to the reporting agencies that he was not the person who took out those loans or credit cards.  It becomes an impossible task when we are the ones who are left to defend and undo the damage done by the thieves.  It’s no different than having your home being broken into.  You feel violated over and over again as you deal with the damages left by the thieves.  So do your homework and don’t be a victim.  Reminder, beware of giving your personal information to call centers.  They are one source of people becoming victims to their identity being stolen.

A client called me and told me her son is 15 years old but received an audit from the IRS and had collectors calling for him.  I asked her if her son was working and that if he had credit cards and she said no!  I was merely asking the obvious but I needed to know that was not the case.

I told her that it was possible that his identity was stolen and used to work illegally in the U.S.  that’s why the IRS was after him and his credit used to get loans and credit cards.  I kid you not,  it happens to many on a daily basis.  It is not because they are not careful with information but someone could have gone through extreme lengths to steal one or more information from a central database center.  It becomes an impossible task to find out how it was stolen but what is even more extreme is the task of stopping and undoing the damage done.  Fact too is that he cannot get a new one even if the first one was stolen.  That is why it is a good idea to check.

Ating lesson,  Kung ito ay importante,  bigyan ng pansin para di magsise.

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We only provide Federal Trade Commission compliant programs.  Debt relief companies who charge non refundable upfront fees are in violation of the ban.  Go with Debt Aid Consulting!

Do not fall for marketing gimmicks saying that they have the right program for you.  Most marketing companies only have one program and will enroll you in that program whether it fits you or not.  So beware!

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