INC’s World Wide Walk is a smashing success


By Don Orozco

Now we know why Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte insisted on appointing INC Executive Minister Eduardo V Manalo as special envoy for OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers). The Iglesia Ni Cristo under the stewardship of Brother Eduardo led its entire membership from across the globe to participate in a mammoth event dubbed as “Iglesia Ni Cristo: World Wide Walk To Fight Poverty In Africa.”

Picture this, the charity walk was participated in by millions of people from across the globe with more than 300 sites across 18 time zones. It was indeed “unbelievable but true” this according to Dr Serge Santos of the FYM Foundation. From Aparri to Jolo in the Philippines and from the east coast to the west coast of North America and from the Middle East to Africa and from Europe to Australia as well as from most parts of Asia and the Caribbean Islands. It was such a WOW event for members of the INC.

Aside from the Walk to fight poverty the May 6 event was also INC’s official attempt to establish several records in coordination with the representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records. Thus INC was able to accomplish the following on that very same day:

The LARGEST HUMAN SENTENCE which involves INC’s 23,235 participants and form the sentence “PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF IGLESIA NI CRISTO”.

The LARGEST PICTURE MOSAIC formed by 9,000 INC members which shows the image of the Church’s green, white and red flag with the biblical golden menorah in the middle as attested this by Guinness Lucia Sinigagliesi.

The INC is still awaiting word from Guinness adjudicator from all over the world if the title for the LARGEST CHARITY WALK IN MULTIPLE VENUES and the MOST NATIONALITIES IN A CHARITY WALK would still have to be verified.

INC General Auditor and FYM Foundation President, minister Glicerio Santos Jr said that the victories of the Church was all for God’s glory. “Ang lahat ng ito ay awa at tulong ng Diyos. Kaya tayong Iglesia Ni Cristo, magkaisa tayo na ibalik ang lahat ng kapurihan,” he said.

According to INC Spokesperson minister Edwil Zabala, “Led by its Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo, the INC will continue to uphold what the Bible teaches, including the command to love our fellowmen as we love ourselves. All glory belongs to God.” He also added there was a clean-up of the walk venues as soon after the event.

Kudos to Duterte, the Filipino community from all over the world have found the best ally to take care of our OFW’s in the person of Eduardo V Manalo, INC Executive Minister. (contact me