By Don Orozco
On Sunday, May 10, your city may be on lockdown, enforcing shelter in place, or stay home policies while celebrating Mothers’ Day all over the world. However, for members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), May 10 marks a special day as it commemorates the 134th birth anniversary of Brother Felix Y. Manalo, regarded by them as the last messenger of God.
Incidentally, another part of that momentous day is the observance of the 40th year anniversary in the Ministry of their current Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. This article is to highlight the significant contribution of Brother Eduardo to the phenomenal growth of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.
Are you reading this? Have you ever googled INC? A friend of mine was telling me he was in Russia and saw an INC chapel. Another says he was in Kenya, another in Rome, Italy, and one in Tel Aviv, Israel saying they saw an INC chapel. You’ll be surprised as INC is now in 158 (of 195 sovereign countries) in the world. So I encourage you not just to google it but to go to INC’s official website the There you will find in their chapel directory that INC is now a Global Church. INC does not only harness the spiritual being of its members, they also provide Aid To Humanity through its FYM Foundation.
Under the Felix Y Manalo Foundation, Brother Eduardo has placed Brother Glicerio B. Santos Jr. to implement projects to fight poverty This is done by providing supply bags, gently used clothing, and cash donations to several non-profit organizations from all over the world. In its many efforts, they have fulfilled these tasks aimed at helping people at the time of their need;  calamity or no calamity.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V Manalo
Recently, in response to the pandemic affecting the world, Brother Eduardo offered to convert the entire Ciudad De Victoria (more than 50 hectares)  and home of the Philippine Arena and Philippine Sports Stadium to shelter and isolate those found to be afflicted with the coronavirus. The facility is complete with thousands of INC Medical and Non-Medical staff, and First Responders as well as from the government sector. The tents and bunkhouses are able to accommodate thousands of patients and medical workers.
The help does not stop there. Local officials and television news channel from the US, Canada, and Latin America have shown their appreciation to the INC leadership and its members. In the past week, INC was even featured in Macau, Chinese newspapers and Portuguese TV and several countries in Africa, thanking INC for going out of their way to provide help. This is not just to fight poverty but to fight the pandemic.
Extending their helping hand has always been the trademark of INC, from its humble beginnings up to the current time. That is why government representatives from all over the world including US Ambassador Sung Yong Kim flock to the INC Central office to give thanks to the Church Administration.
Brother Eduardo V. Manalo always extends his appreciation to all the members of the Church and attributes its phenomenal growth to our Lord Jesus Christ and to our Almighty Father in heaven. Through his leadership, the Iglesia Ni Cristo has remained completely united under One God, One Lord, One Doctrine, One Belief, and One Administration.  After all, INC is a wonderful work of God. Thank You and Happy 40th anniversary in the Ministry Brother Eduardo. May God continue to bless your family, your primary helpers, and the entirety of our Church.