By Macon Araneta

Alliance of Health Workers (AHW) unions are saddened by the news that six nurses from Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) in Davao City resigned from fearing that infection from COVID-19. 

Last May 19, during a virtual press brief, DoH-Davao Assistant Sec. Lenny Joy Rivera said that of 215 individuals positive for COVID-19, in the Davao Region, 41 of them are health workers. 

Out of the 41, 24 were working in SPMC and out of  the 24 health workers, two have died from the virus. 

On May 26, the SPMC medical professional staff Chief Dr. Ricardo Audan said in a press briefing said that, four nurses resigned in March and two in April. 

“We fear that more health workers will be resigning in various hospitals across the country since they feel there are no trustworthy containment measures from the deadly virus in the country. Aside from those resigning, many of our fellow health workers are frustrated and demoralized,” said Robert Mendoza, AHW national president.

“We have witnessed the incompetence and neglect of DoH and the Duterte administration in dealing with the pandemic which has worsened the already deplorable health care workers’ conditions and public health care situation”, he added.